Friday, November 30

snowy prints

Hello, rabbit. Hello, snow. My house is crying out to be decorated for Christmas. I can't believe the job isn't already done. We've been trying to decide on what to do about trees - we have two artificial trees, a 4-footer from our 679 square foot apartment days, and a nice big 7 1/2 footer. I am voting for the small tree up on a table, away from curious fingers. We will see what happens.

Yesterday, I found out that it does NOT work to pour boiling water over the coffee grounds. At least, it does not produce the delicious coffee to which my taste buds are accustomed. Today, I will try to soak them a little longer.

Thankfully, my parents have an extra coffee pot they never use. I will be borrowing that, thank you very much. At least until I do a little price comparison on thermal carafe coffee pots. Because, as you may know, they simply are the best.

Thank you all for your wishes of good will and sympathy. My lil' heart was blessed.

Apparently, my blog has reached new heights of popularity. I will be reviewing a product in the coming days - and those of you who know me well will get a little chuckle out of this one. It is Michael W. Smith's new Christmas CD. You never know - he could surprise the socks right off me. It's happened before. The play by play is coming soon. I bet y'all are on the edge of your seats.

But most of you are wondering why I'm talkin' southern. I blame it on my job. Entirely.


Rachel said...

We have to set up things LATE this year due to our renovations. I may recruit my family to help with the decorating of the tree. We usually set things up the day after Thanksgiving but this is just a weird year for us.

We have a Michael W. Smith Christmas CD and I must say that I enjoy it very much. Hopefully, you'll like this one:).

Sooo, does Aaron talk southern or do you have something that you do from home where you interact with southerners? :) So far, I've managed to keep my northern accent as it's just me and my little man for most of the week. Our church has people from all over the country and the pastor is from Michigan. No chance of us picking up an accent from him:).

My youngest sister lives in NC with her very southern hubby. She spends a lot of time with him and his family and also teaches 6th grade down there. Needless to say, we tease her about becoming one of "them". Of course, she insists that she still sounds like a northerner. It's fun to rib her about it.:)

KColas said...

Speaking of Mr. Decaf at your house - this morning I enjoyed a delish cup of Decaf Hazelnut Creme thanks to you! :) I've been stretching out that coffee since August because it makes me very happy.

I will look forward to that CD review!

Alicia said...

I'm not such a fan of thermal carafe coffee pots. My mom has one and it's tricksy. I hate how you have to tighten up the lid everytime after you pour a new cup of java. Great for having company over though I suppose. Have you ever tried a percolator? Love those and the coffee seems to taste better when it's perked. :) There's not a bone in my body that wants to buy the Michael W. Smith Christmas cd. We'll stick to the classics - Bing and the Messiah. I have a feeling I'll be agreeing with your comments (unless your socks get knocked off that is).

Reads said...

Our tree is not up either. We are still trying to decide what to get. I think we'll get a real one, and search for a fake after the holidays, that's the plan anyway! We use a coffee press, but that is what we like. I also try to only have a one cup, and oh, it's not decaf!

Tracy said...

The inside of our house is all decorated, but the outside is in definite need of help (it looks very cold and unwelcoming). We've never liked Michael W. Smith, but we love Bing Crosby and all of the instrumental Christmas Music.

Rosemary at Rose Tree Threadworks said...

I have been previewing Michael W. Smith's "It's a Wonderful Christmas" at I think that it IS wonderful. But I have always enjoyed Michael W. Smith's God-given gifts. Being 1/8 Irish, I am especially enjoying the selections with a 'celtic' feel, like A Highland Carol. But this cd has a lot of variety. I hope that there is something on it that you will enjoy too.