Tuesday, April 24

our piano

Here it is! The free piano! Now we just have to figure out how to place the rest of our furniture in our house...

that, and call a tuner...

Praise God for this wonderful gift!

I looked up this piano online and it was made in 1908. It's definitely in GREAT condition for being 99 years old!!!

Saturday, April 21

and I'm surprised?

There are so many things that God has done for me, that by now I should not be surprised when something wonderful and unexpected and exciting happens. However. I am human, and so, when I found out today that a piano will be delivered to my door next Tuesday, I just about lost control of my hallelujah-ing self.

Here's the story - a few weeks ago, I got an email notification from Freecycle that someone wanted to give away a piano. I thought "WOO HOO! A free piano would be great!" and promptly emailed to let the party know of my interest. After a day or so I figured I wasn't the only one who thought a free piano was a good deal. Well, a few weeks passed and I'd honestly forgotten all about the advertised piano. Then. Today, in my email, was a note from the piano owner (who "just happens" to be a member of our church) saying that he has arranged for Two Men and a Truck to drop off the piano at my house on Tuesday, and put it wherever I want it.

How often does one receive gifts like this? OK. I am the FIRST to admit that my piano playing "skills" are so remedial that the word must be written in quotation marks. But I do enjoy sitting down in front of some new music and plunking out the notes on occasion. We have an el cheapo garage sale keyboard that I've been using for that purpose. Just the other day was thinking how great it would be for Aaron to grow up around a piano. I thought to myself, "I should start praying about a piano." But I never got around to it!!! Once again, God has blown me away with His overabundant provision. (And, yes, I have a renewed resolve to learn how to play that thing better!)

Join in, everyone! I can hear Mr. Hairgrove's voice, "Exceeding abundantly, above all we ask or think, that's what our God can do..." I know a free piano pales in comparison to salvation, and all the other Workings that God does in our lives and hearts. But I am vvvvvvvvvery excited about this newest "it-sure-is-nice-to-have-even-though-I-don't-need-it" provision from God!!!

Friday, April 20

the incredible amazing pagan wonder boy!

"Come over here, Mr. Q and Mrs. Z! I want to eat you!"

As you can see by the feature film, Aaron is already more athletically gifted than his mother! I think we are also beginning to see aspects of Personality, but that will remain to be seen. At least for now, he's driven and tenacious (to get those foam letters ALL out of that bucket if he gets his head stuck trying!!!!) You may also notice his creativity - It's rare to see a child this age get in his own exersaucer (right, AND in an amazingly unconventional way!) Along with these displays of genius have also come lessons on "no" and what that means. We are still working on it, but when a child takes a bite of concrete fireplace, you know it's time to start sharing that there are certain things that are off limits. Even if only 40% is understood.

And if you want more great laughs, click here for a video a friend found...I about fell off my chair!

Thursday, April 12

mo hair

The stereo will soon have to be moved. Already, I've been thankful for the magnets holding the doors to the DVD cabinet securely shut (at least until my son grows stronger arm muscles). The childproofing will have to begin within a week or two. Aaron has learned the sweet taste of CD's gotten by one's own effort.

He's definitely into exploration and has gone on several search and destroy missions. I love that he's so happily independent. However, it is also cause for supervised self play! The other day I left the room for a couple quick moments and came back to see a chunk missing from a board book and several chunks of colorful cardboard dotting Aaron's chin.

Oops! These are happy, fun days! Such opportunities to to share in the joy of his growing and learning!

Saturday, April 7

and then

Aaron is teething, or getting sick, or some other malady unknown to me, his mother. Finding himself frustrated that he cannot describe in detail his complaint, he decided he would like some extra cuddles and proceeded to make it known in the only way he knows.


The familiar strain drifted down the hallway. As I picked him up, he snuggled his little head into my shoulder and sighed mightily. I could almost feel his relief. His little body relaxed and quieted. And then. And then, (I am choking up even as I try to type these words) he stretched his little neck, turned up his little face, pressed his lips to my cheek, and kissed me. He nestled down again, this time under my chin. And then he kissed me again. His big eyes sparkled in the glow and flicker of the night light as he looked at me and smiled, like I was the best thing ever. A few minutes later, with a peacefully sleeping son, I crept back down the hallway, overwhelmed with (what I choose to interperate to be) this first pure expression of love. I am the most blessed mommy in the whole wide world.

Today, as our church choir practiced for our Easter Cantata, I was struck again with my personal responsibility for my sin and for the death of Christ on the cross. I am in awe of the Great Love poured out on us through the atoning gift of Jesus, God's only Son. I am without words to describe how utterly unworthy I am to receive His salvation - offered without condition, without cost to me - when it was obviously of great cost to Him.

To be anything but fully prostrated with gratefulness would be an insult to this kind of Love, this kind of sacrifice. I fall on my face before my Lord, and with gulping, heaving sobs try to find words to say to Him.

I am nothing, less than nothing. And you LOVE me. YOU. So far above me. I cannot understand, for Your thoughts are beyond my comprehension. You created me to know You, to love You, and to revel in You and honor You forever. I PRAISE YOU!!!! I am Your child, and You have blessed me with blessings.

Tuesday, April 3


Well, here are some pictures! We are pretty excited (the understatement of the year) about our new floors, new toilet, and new beginning on the fireplace. This is what we decided to do with our fireplace. The light grey is the new part - we poured concrete to add to the hearth. We will be covering it with slate tile - the tile shown is ceramic, but the colors are similar to the slate we've chosen. We will then replace the fire screen (until we can afford custom glass!!!!) we are taking suggestions on paint colors for the brick. Click here to see the house in previous stages.

We are so thankful that God has provided these floors for us! A big thank you to our friend (and pastor) Kris for helping out on Thursday and also to Dad Forbes for helping with the potty installation project!!! If you have Facebook, check out our photo album there for more pictures of the process, including an ugly moment when we took up the old toilet!!!