Friday, September 28


This month came and went with such speed!  I think this is becoming a phenomenon as I *ehem* get older.  Time goes faster and faster!  This week, Michael and I both realized at separate times that we'd both used "twenty years ago" to refer to 1992, which we both feel like was just yesterday!  (granted, we were 12, but still.)

Home school is going very well, with Classical Conversations as our weekly (Monday morning!) call to action.  I'm so glad for the community and grateful for the support and inspiration.  I never would think to have my kids memorize so MANY facts (Latin? the Greek and Roman gods? The parts of cells? Prepositions? History Timeline?) and am excited to watch Aaron memorize with ease, thrive and enjoy a classroom-type setting.  Evan gets the bonus of doing memory work with us, especially as we listen to the CC memory work song CD in the van.  We're finishing up week 4 already!  WOW!

We are waiting on a few additional school books as we were finishing up books from the kindergarten phase of things.  We are planning to spend the remaining time in our current math curriculum on money - Aaron is so excited!  I loved Singapore Math so much that we're going to keep going with that, and little does Aaron know, but *math tests* are in his future!  Oh, boy!

We're also adding a handwriting program as soon as we can, and hopefully next month, we will be able to add in our formal Bible curriculum.  I'm pretty excited about that, too.  This method of gradually adding subjects seems to work for the transitioning 1st grader and the transitioning mama who is trying to find a balance between homeschool, housework, date nights, prior commitments, errands, exercise, and sanity!

I LOVE love LOVE watching my kids learn.  I'm so blessed to have the opportunity!