Friday, March 29

Operation Grocery Budget: March 2019 Report

 A big wahhhhhh as March closes in the red. 

As of this posting, we are $50+ over budget. I think there might even be another receipt or maybe even two that I haven’t entered yet, but the truth is I just got careless in March in a lot of ways. We actually had a lot more food waste than I typically like to have. Throwing away perfectly good food that we just *didn’t get around to eating because I bought too much* is a shameful reminder of our privilege. I’m human, we make mistakes, so the food waste is giving me a firmer resolve to ask myself the hard questions and say no unless it is something we will use quickly.

Best purchase: a delicious bag of Cara Cara oranges.
Worst purchase: nasty tropical flavor fruit snacks
Fun find: gluten free General Tso’s chicken from ALDI. Not healthy, but fun for at home date night.
Old favorite: ALDI’s hummus - 5/6 Muths love. My favorite is pine nut.

Screen shot of shame:

And now, I’m moving on. Here’s to a healthy relationship with the grocery budget, the food we buy, our gratefulness, and our goals for perseverance!