Monday, August 13

school, and such

Selfish. Unable. Afraid. Sheltering. Possessive.

These are words that people have used to describe our decision to keep Aaron at home for first grade.  Interesting. Thankfully, a wise person once told me, when I was pregnant with Aaron, to decide who we were going to listen to as far as advice and then smile at everyone else but ignore them.  It was good advice.

The journey to home education has been a strange one.  I'm a teacher, born of teachers, and it would make sense to just follow the traditional education path for our kids.  It all started with a class, audited after I had already graduated with my degree in education.  It was a class about homeschooling.  It was then I learned about the classical model of education as a feasible and desirable option, and was more than intrigued.  I'll save the long rest of the story.

We're going with Classical Conversations.  There is a new community starting in Midland, and it seems like a good fit for us - some "classroom" for Aaron, one day per week, (with six other 6-7 year old boys!) and all the benefits of a classical education, along with some excellent guidelines and accountability for me.  We'll continue with Singapore Math and our current reading program, as well as adding in some Bible curriculum that I've really wanted them to be exposed to.

I'm excited, and a little bit scared.  There will be a four year old needing a little preschool and a baby who will just be walking and into everything soon.  There are details to work out, but we'll cross that bridge.  Soon.  And God gives grace, as much as we need, appropriate for moms who send their kids to a traditional school or moms who take on the schooling themselves.

But I do know this - it's what God has called us to do.  Called me to do.  And I can let those ugly words roll off my back - by His grace.  He is continually reminding me that these are the children He has given me,  and there is a lot to learn about them, a lot left to discover - and for now, we are to do that in conjunction with home schooling!

Friday, August 10

and the winner is...

Well, your odds of winning this year were pah-ritty good.  Out of 8 entrants, Rebekah Shaver, you win!!  Congratulations, you can share the celebration!  Here's hoping this year is the best one yet!

Thursday, August 2

happy birthday to me! (and you, and you, and you!)

So, it's my birthday, and it's already been really, really great.  I got an uninterrupted night's sleep from Cadey, favorite birthday gift EVER.  I got to video chat with a great friend from college (we share this birthday!) and we agree - life just gets better after 30!

 My mom and dad have the boys, they're cooking up something today and I'll join them at dinner time.  It's just me and Cadey today.

I'm planning on doing a few things that are impossible with 3 kids like vacuuming out the van, getting some jewelry fixed, shopping without hurrying, you know, exciting stuff like that.  I'm also getting my first haircut in about a year.  And maybe, just maybe, putting together the delicious looking cake you see on the left, with modifications. 
(photo credit)

But today is also about giving.  I'm giving away presents!  It's going to be something great, just you wait and see. I love surprises - so if you don't, this is not the giveaway for you.  Hint?  You want a hint???  It will be a collection of a few of my favorite things...something to read, something delicious, and something fun.  Also, there will be a Pampered Chef favorite, because, you know, I sell that great stuff. 

For an entry in the drawing, please leave a comment on the blog - tell me something about birthdays - the most memorable one for you, the worst birthday cake ever, the funniest gift you've gotten - anything.  Just do that, and live in the US (or have a US mailing address), and you're eligible!  The giveaway will be open until Thursday the 8th.