Tuesday, October 31

happy reformation day!

Well, I briefly thought about posting my conspiracy theory of how "Reformation Day" got turned into Halloween (aka "Free Candy Day"), but as I pondered the wisdom of that, I realized it would not be the best since few people can judge the exact tone of the printed word. Anyone interested will have to see me in person for that. I also have a great theory about how Santa makes his rounds on Christmas Eve...even though Michael says it's unreasonable.

It's the first Halloween we will be living in a house that kids might actually try to come to the door to get free candy. Previously, we've had a long, scary, wooded driveway. This year, we're 30 feet from the road and chiefly unobscured by foliage. Cheapskate that I am, I bought the candy that lingers for weeks after Halloween (after all the good stuff gets eaten) Yep, individually wrapped LifeSavers, and the short little Tootsie Rolls. Just in case kids come to our door despite the lack of outdoor lighting. I hear that this year they are starting at 4:30. Weird if you ask me. But I sure don't want to take a risk that certain kids play tricks on us for not having candy.

As a kid, I was never allowed to go trick or treating. We won't talk about the trauma I suffered the year my parents were out of town and my little brother was allowed to go with a friend and came home with a huge haul that he didn't share with his loving sister. (You might see how this traumatic experience may have inspired creativity in the conspiracy theory)

This is not to say that I never went...I just wasn't a kid anymore. My first gathering of free candy was indeed during my freshman year of college. Two of my roomies and I went to a nearby residential area and exercised the principle of good stewardship, gathering free candy from the happy townfolk. It was back in the day that the Harvest Festivities were semi-optional. Suffice it to say, we did not break any known rules of our institution of higher learning, and we had a lot of fun. That was the one and only time I went trick or treating for the purpose of candy-gathering. I've been several times since then as a chaperone to minor children, which is pretty fun in and of itself.

We haven't decided yet what to do when Aaron gets old enough to a) know about candy and b) scheme about the best way to get MORE candy. There are lots of people that say that Halloween is a horrible holiday and no Christian should participate, but there are also those who look at it as an opportunity for their kids to dress up and get candy for free!

Michael and I have talked about it a little bit, and think it has a lot to do with where you live and who lives around you, and what the general community understanding is of the said holiday. I do know that Halloween is bigger now than it was when I was a kid, so who knows what it will turn into as Aaron and any future kiddos grow older. I think it's going to have to be a pray-as-you-go issue.

At any rate, this day is also the day that changed a lot of things as far as the church goes. This day was the day that Martin Luther posted his 95 theses on the door of the church in Wittenburg, Germany, sparking the Protestant Reformation. It's unbelievable to see how God moves hearts to study His Word and works in hearts to allow men and women to discover and understand truth. Praise Him for His sovereign plan for us, and for being alive and at work in our lives daily! (This is something we can celebrate wholeheartedly and without controversy!)

Friday, October 27

weird but yummy

I love fall...and fall foods. Squash, apples, pumpkin... ESPECIALLY pumpkin. And those happy fall desserts like pumpkin donuts, pumpkin bread, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin dip, pumpkin pie...all very delish, and not exactly at the top of the healthy list. I found this recipe online and modified it a little. It's amazing, and the best part? I am eating veggies & whole grains for breakfast and it tastes great!!!

Pumpkin Oatmeal (2-3 servings)
1 cup quick oats

1 1/4 cups water (or more)

1/2 cup pumpkin puree (fresh or canned)
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice*

2 T brown sugar

Mix oats & water, microwave 2-3 minutes or until thick. Add pumpkin, spice, and sugar, heat through. YUMMY! * Make pumpkin pie spice at home! 1T cinnamon + 3/4 tsp nutmeg + 3/4 tsp ginger + 1/2 tsp cloves and you've got some for now and for later.

Try it and let me know what you think.

Thursday, October 26

he got it from his parents, obviously

Well, it's official. We have a genius child. Aaron is now playing quite enthusiastically with the little toys hanging down from his swing, and smiling at himself in the mirror. (demonstrating, of course, that he likes to look at himself and thereby confirming his pagan status)

Oh, how we love this little pagan genius-baby.

Monday, October 23

break out the holy hallelujah hands

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change." James 1:17 (ESV)

I NEED to praise the Lord for His miraculous provision on our behalf. The holy hallelujah hands have gotten a bit dusty...at least, the blogging ones. My offline self has been greatly rejoicing, but I've got to let you know what God has done in the past several weeks.

1. We have a new roof!! It took all day one Saturday (with 12, count 'em, 12) volunteer helpers and Sunday from 1 til dark (with an additional 8 volunteers) but we're secure for the winter (and hopefully many winters to come!!) Jehovah Jireh! God provided labor and materials, and we are grateful

2. Aaron continues to sleep through the night and nap well. He's growing and developing great, and we are SO thankful and humbled that God has chosen to give us the blessing and responsibility of parenting this little man.

3. God sends money. Really. Checks in the mail, meeting our needs. Michael & I joke about winning the Home Depot sweepstakes, but how much better is it to watch God provide. I have never been more convinced that God delights in our dependence on Him for all things. Praise Him for His provision and for the generous giving of fellow believers!!!

4. God provided a part time job for me, working from home. Basically I'm calling businesses on behalf of other businesses to pave the way for salespeople to call with more info. It really is delightful to wake up and walk down the hall to work during Aaron's naptimes.

5. God continues to work in our lives, convicting us of changes that need to be made. Discipline, and plenty more of it. Lifestyle changes that need to happen. With His grace, we shall overcome our selfishness and laziness and get busy doing more of His work and less of our play.

6. Free carpet. Enough for all 3 bedrooms plus, pad included. All Michael had to do was go pick it up. (and of course, we still have to put it in...)

7. More little blessings for free...a window for our garage, an air conditioner, garage sale deals on light fixtures, mirrors, clothes for Aaron, the list goes on...

ISN'T GOD GOOD? All the time.

Wednesday, October 18

bye, bye Luvs...hello poopiness

As a baby shower gift, we recieved some of the fabulous one-size pocket diapers by BumGenius! that Tricia drew to my attention way back when I was pregnant. We've decided that we're going to give them a trial run to see how they work for us. We only have seven of them, which won't last too long. We have some money set aside for more, however at $18 a pop, the trial run is essential to make sure these diapers are going to do the trick on our son's little bum. Even better is that they are on sale right now for $14 each!!

They're in the washing machine right now...

I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about this venture. I am very used to the convenience of throwing away the used diapers, but there are so many plusses to cloth diapering that I am pretty sure I can get used to the slight inconvenience. Especially since we also got as a shower gift...the wonderful diaper sprayer which will, no doubt, make life easier!!

The biggest thing I'm nervous about is that Aaron is a poop-saver. Yep, he waits 2-3 days, then poops more than I ever thought possible for such a little guy. We are talking total blowouts. One Sunday at church it was all in his pant leg and sock and down the front of mommy. Fun times.

Today, we're up to 5 days. I called the doctor, actually, because I was nervous. They told me to give him a glycerin suppository. I DON'T THINK SO! I've read too much about breastfed babies and how it's not possible for them to be constipated to think that a suppository is the answer. The nurse also said I could do some "rectal stimulation" with a thermometer to try to motivate a little action. After I called the doctor, I read some stuff online that says anywhere up to 10 days can be normal, and Aaron seems to be his normal happy self today. So, I think I'll just wait a couple more days.

I'm open for comments! Anybody have a poop-saver and/or done cloth diapers?

Tuesday, October 17

Immune System Booster

Okay, usually I'm not really into natural products for sickness. If I've got a cold, load me up with the good stuff, bring on the cough & cold meds for sure. (and I've got the medicine cabinet to prove it). However, when Aaron got a cold at 4 weeks and all I could do was saline and suction, I was up for anything I could do.

A friend recommended (and then delivered) this great product, called VS-C, available from Nature's Sunshine. We gave a few drops to Aaron (a mini-mini dose) several times a day and it seemed to help.

What really got me is that about a week later I woke up with the scratchy throat - you know, that feeling that says "HELP! I'M GETTING SICK!!" and I thought I might as well try the liquid herbs and see if it worked. Michael had similar symptoms, so we both thought we would try it. Let me tell you, that little cold or virus or whatever LEFT US ALONE. Seriously. We had scratchy throats for a day or 2 and kept taking 2 doses a day for about 3 days.

I've never been so surprised by a natural remedy in my life. I am amazed. It tastes sweet and is spicy like cinnamon. The recommendation is to stir it into water, but we stirred it into iced tea and it was great.

Monday, October 16

an enlightening read

This book is one I have recently read, and I would recommend it to all parents. It's a very good resource for descriptions of childhood diseases and details of the recommended/required shots. I found it to be fair and reasonable, a resource that allows parents to get facts clearly laid out in an easy to understand format. It is Excellent. (notice the capital "E") At B & N for around $6.

Aaron Overload

Saturday, October 14

fireside with friends

Tonight we went to hang out with some of our friends from church--our "adopted" sunday school class...we get to do the fun stuff with them. Hanging out with junior highers is its own brand of fun, and we do enjoy teaching jr. high sunday school, but it is nice to have some people our own age to fellowship with.

Aaron went along with us despite the dropping temps. Here he is hanging out in his warm garb, and then waiting for bathtime and bed. (thanks, Mrs. R. for the cute hat!!!)

high speed at home

things here are flying at high speed...

...and yesterday the Charter truck brought us high speed internet and a new telephone. I am a very happy girl, and am getting ready to start my at-home job.

My wonderful husband and I went on our first date since Aaron's birth last night, and mom & dad watched our little guy. Hallelujah for grandparents!! Michael planned a "surprise" date for me - I didn't know what we were going to do until we got there! We went to ColdStone Creamery (YUM!) and then to a pottery glazing place (called Amazing Glaze) where we made a set of salt & pepper shakers. They will be ready next week, and I'll post a photo. It was loads of fun, and great to spend time with Michael by ourselves.

so now that we have internet at home, hopefully we will be able to post more pictures! Coming soon: House update photos!!!

Sunday, October 8

family self portrait

my boys.

Wednesday, October 4


I knew I would like being a mom, but I had NO IDEA it would be this fabulous!!

I wish I had pics to post tonight, but alas, I do not. Aaron is growing and is a smiley, happy baby. He is learning about his tongue this week. Last night Michael was holding him and sticking out his own tongue making goofy noises, and it looked like Aaron was sticking his out in response to his daddy's! It was so cute we got it on video!

We were supposed to have our roofing party last Saturday, but God had rain planned for that day, so instead we hung some stuff on the walls and had a relaxing Saturday. Hopefully this weekend will bring us a new roof! Hurray!!! No more big bright blue tarps!!! My favorite thing is that our garage, now a leaky sieve, will be able to house some of our items that are currently in our guest room. I am thrilled to have a place to store some of the items that we don't use on a daily basis!

Friday is Aaron's 2-month checkup. I can't believe he turned 2 months old on Sunday. It seems like time goes by so much faster when you have kids to measure it by. I'm sure he'll be in school before I know it.

Last week I started to schedule Aaron according to a controversial resource (any guesses what that could be? wink, wink) I don't think I was ready to do that system until I knew Aaron could calm himself and sleep. Prior to last week I don't think he could have done it. I must say the system works like a charm for us and we've been continuing to enjoy full nights of rest. PRAISE THE LORD!!

That's it for the updates! God is ALWAYS good, and His blessings are beyond measure!!