Tuesday, October 17

Immune System Booster

Okay, usually I'm not really into natural products for sickness. If I've got a cold, load me up with the good stuff, bring on the cough & cold meds for sure. (and I've got the medicine cabinet to prove it). However, when Aaron got a cold at 4 weeks and all I could do was saline and suction, I was up for anything I could do.

A friend recommended (and then delivered) this great product, called VS-C, available from Nature's Sunshine. We gave a few drops to Aaron (a mini-mini dose) several times a day and it seemed to help.

What really got me is that about a week later I woke up with the scratchy throat - you know, that feeling that says "HELP! I'M GETTING SICK!!" and I thought I might as well try the liquid herbs and see if it worked. Michael had similar symptoms, so we both thought we would try it. Let me tell you, that little cold or virus or whatever LEFT US ALONE. Seriously. We had scratchy throats for a day or 2 and kept taking 2 doses a day for about 3 days.

I've never been so surprised by a natural remedy in my life. I am amazed. It tastes sweet and is spicy like cinnamon. The recommendation is to stir it into water, but we stirred it into iced tea and it was great.


bethnbrad said...


How are you? I am great! Colorado and my husband Brad are both fantastic! Drop me a line so we can catch up.

beth heath schubert

Shannon said...

We love nature's sunshine products. I've given Esther ALJ in her cereal to help in this cold season. When she was a little tyke - we gave her CAtnip & Fennel to help with her acid reflux and it was great as opposed to the medicine the drs prescribed that made no difference. (she was a happier baby too)

Shanna said...

Yeah for natural :)

The Barkers said...

Nature's Sunshine's Stomach Comfort was the only thing that helped me with my awful acid reflux during pregnancy. Love the natrual way!