Friday, February 24

our reality

Today was a big day. We finished the kindergarten reading curriculum. Nevermind that it's not comprehensive, we've been supplementing. It was just really fun to get to the end of the sticker path and earn the "I DID IT" sticker. Bonus, Aaron is super excited to start the first grade HOP curriculum.

Here's how we'd like to think homeschooling goes - the photo to the left. Sunlight streams through the window, the table is wiped clean, and all is blissful as the boys soak in the wisdom and knowledge I have to share with them.

And here is how it actually goes:'ll have to add me on google+ to watch the video.

Monday, February 20

I'm so (un)impressed.

Mitt Romney left a voice mail at my house last night. No, really. It was his voice, telling me how sorry he was to have missed me and that he would "be in touch" I am soooooooooo bummed that I missed him.

*end sarcasm*

Dear people who use auto-dial services,
Please don't pretend to be a real person calling me. In fact, please stop using auto dial services. Especially please don't use auto-dial to smear someone else in politics. Send a letter or run your ads on TV like usual. Just don't call me. And for you companies that use auto-dial to advertise your services or worse yet, ask me to hold for the next available operator? Same thing. Don't call me. That is all.


PS, I am equally annoyed by recordings answering the phone and telling me "I didn't understand that response"

Friday, February 17


The days slip by. They do. And before I know it, I'm looking at pictures from what seems like last week, and hair has grown, and leaves have fallen, and somehow we all kept going, and growing, and learning. Somehow things that need to be put away stay NOT put away, and somehow we find time to plan date nights, craft a Pinterest pin, dig out schoolbooks semi regularly, dust occasionally, update Facebook, make dinner, make beds, change diapers, and love my family. I do love capturing moments like this one. I want to pause the days. They move, they slip through my fingers, and will soon be gone.

Tuesday, February 7

Colorado Family Time

Michael's sister Sarah called a few months ago to let us know about some great deals from Southwest. We were able to spend a week in Colorado and had a great time with the family - all but one of the siblings were able to come. Eleven cousins and five siblings together in one place = a crazy good time! Here are a couple pictures of Michael's side of the family! (more on Facebook soon!) We went to the zoo, hung out at the house, ate a LOT of Mexican food, laughed and talked. It was great to catch up with everyone in person!