Monday, February 20

I'm so (un)impressed.

Mitt Romney left a voice mail at my house last night. No, really. It was his voice, telling me how sorry he was to have missed me and that he would "be in touch" I am soooooooooo bummed that I missed him.

*end sarcasm*

Dear people who use auto-dial services,
Please don't pretend to be a real person calling me. In fact, please stop using auto dial services. Especially please don't use auto-dial to smear someone else in politics. Send a letter or run your ads on TV like usual. Just don't call me. And for you companies that use auto-dial to advertise your services or worse yet, ask me to hold for the next available operator? Same thing. Don't call me. That is all.


PS, I am equally annoyed by recordings answering the phone and telling me "I didn't understand that response"

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LMLogan said...

seriously just had my insurance do that...called back "I have no idea why they called you - sorry maam" REALLY? oh and doesn't help it was during my nap!!!