Wednesday, March 28

In Spring

We've continued our tradition of update letters in Spring, instead of at Christmas. Enjoy the e-version!

Hallelujah! He is Risen!

We are so thankful for the promises of God that have continued to prove true for His Church! We have seen His faithfulness to us this year as well, in many very personal ways. Here is a snippet of what He has been doing in our family since we last sent a letter!

We celebrated fourteen years of marriage this December, and rejoice in God’s goodness and graciousness to us. We are enjoying every day together! We’ve been continuing the slow process of home improvements, have been able to take a couple of short “vacation” trips this year and are enjoying watching our kids grow. Our Trivet + Board business continues to be a creative outlet! We have been encouraged to be able to make some measurable forward motion in a couple of areas of our family life that we have been trying to be more intentional about – and that is a huge blessing.

Michael continues to work with Bright Construction; he is well into his fourteenth year! He’s also continuing to lead the junior high ministry at our church, both the youth group program on Sundays, and small group that meets midweek. We have been able to join an adult Sunday School class as the youth group has combined for Sunday School, which has been a blessing to us both in the reduced teaching load and in enjoying fellowship with other adults! He’s also serving as a deacon this year! Jenny is homeschooling Cadence (Kindergarten) and caring for Amos during the days, organizing our family calendar and enjoying all the ages and stages of the kids, and a couple of nights a week, dons the alter ego of “grocery fairy,” shopping and delivering groceries for Shipt in our town. After a couple of years of health issues, it has been wonderful to begin feeling well and start getting back to “normal.”

Aaron is 11 and in 5th grade, enjoying his second year of traditional school at a small Christian school nearby. He played soccer, volleyball, and basketball with his school this year and has enjoyed every bit of it! He’s growing in his concern and care for others and in his overall maturity, which is so encouraging to us! He’s a huge help with projects, and mows our grass like a boss! He was excited to win 1st place in speed and 2nd place in design for the 5th/6th category with his AWANA Grand Prix car this year!  

Evan is 9 and in 3rd grade at traditional school with Aaron, and very much enjoys reading. He easily gets lost in a story, and is very creative in his own story telling, entertaining us often. Evan enjoyed playing basketball this year and also participated in the AWANA Grand Prix for the first time, taking second place in the 3rd/4th category in design for his Herbie car! We enjoy watching Evan grow up and are encouraged to see his heart for God grow along with his knowledge.

Cadey is 6 and home with mom for Kindergarten this year. She’s one hundred percent spunky, with some sparkles and rainbows thrown in for good measure. She is such a hard worker when she puts her mind to it! She enjoys reading, imagination play, and especially creating art of all kinds! We have had a great year together and she is making huge progress in her reading. We’ve also enjoyed taking little day trips for hands on learning, and she has formed a very special bond with her baby brother. 

Amos will turn 3 in July, which seems way too fast! He delights all of us with his expanding vocabulary and quick smiles and is getting into his fair share of mischief as he navigates what this world looks like and what his boundaries are. He is a wonderful blessing to our whole family, and it’s really been amazing to watch how he’s softened and brightened the family dynamic.
We hope that as you celebrate Easter, your hope will be in the One who will one day make all things new. 

Much love to you all,
Michael & Jenny, Aaron, Evan, Cadence & Amos Muth

PS – if you would like to pray for our family, we would really appreciate it! We need wisdom with some decisions we will be making with our finances, for direction for our family both in areas of ministry and occupation, and for wisdom in our parenting! As we are seeing marriages crumble around us, please pray that God would protect and keep our marriage strong! We would also love prayer for our kids, that they would seek God with their whole hearts. We are also seeking for answers in regard to Evan’s absence epilepsy, which he was diagnosed with 2 years ago. There are some issues popping up and we need wisdom to know how to help him. We are confident that when we ask for wisdom, God can and will provide it for us! (James 1:5)