Tuesday, April 23

nobody tells you the real stuff anymore

I love being 33.  Love it.  There are really cool things about being older than I used to be, like seeing my friends with kids that look exactly like younger versions of themselves, and being able to say things like, "twenty years ago..."  There are lots of great things in my life that I have to be 33 to really appreciate.  However. When I was young, nobody said real things to me about my future as an older human.

1. Nobody told me that eyebrows all of a sudden go crazy.  Seriously crazy.  Well, they do.

2. Nobody told me about hair that looks like eyebrows growing from other places, places from which it probably should be removed, like chins (for example).

3. Nobody told me that pillow lines stop disappearing within the first 15 minutes of waking up.  I need at least half an hour, now, and I expect that number to continue to increase.

4. Nobody told me about the times that all of a sudden you start crying like a baby with absolutely no control.  It could be because you have a moment of clarity, or you see something sweet like an older couple walking and holding hands, or even super cheesy like a Hallmark commercial, or even something random like a leaf blowing down the sidewalk.  I think this is because of older-ness, but I could be wrong.

5. Nobody told me about sleep, and how precious it really is.  Nobody told me to relish the years when I could freely choose when and how and how long I could sleep.  They should have.

I know there are more, but...

6. Nobody told me about memory fritzes and just plain forgetfulness.  Seriously.  I need to get with the program!

You know you have things to add to this list...