Wednesday, June 13


Fingers clinging,
Eyelashes resting sweetly on flushed cheek
Monstrous sighs, milk-drunk, content.
Sweet baby girl, your needy days are fleeting
And so soon I will long to rock you,
Hold you close,
Snuggled into my neck.

Tuesday, June 12

same yet different

These are pictures of our kids between 9-10 months.  Notice any similarities?

It's so fun to watch them grow. I love these kiddos and love my life!  Thank you, God, for so many blessings!

Thursday, June 7

family updates

So, this blogging business is getting sporadic for me again. The only good thing about it is that my email is no longer inundated with offers for sponsored posts.  That is a very good thing, since my email box is stuffed to overflowing with other junk that I need to sit down and weed out.

Cadey is growing.  This is a very big deal, because she wasn't for a couple months.  I cut out dairy, and that seems to be helping.  Yippee for weight gain!  She's also doing lots of cool things, is seconds away from crawling (on her knees instead of this army crawl she's got going on) and has sprouted three teeth.  Her favorite food of the moment seems to be pinto beans.  She's such a happy girl, and I'm trying to soak in every minute.  It's taken me three kids, but I'm finally beginning to realize the importance of slowing down and soaking in everything.  9 months have flown by. 

Evan is entering the supertalkative three year old phase.  He is hilarious, adorable, and busy!  I'm constantly cracking up at his facial expressions and one-liners. There is a new level of interaction with us, too, which is great.  We are also STILL working on potty training with Evan. I keep trying to remind myself that it won't last forever. Mostly I think that he can't possibly know how hilarious he is, but then again, he is his father's son, so...

Aaron will be finishing kindergarten here in the next few weeks (or maybe the end of summer) and we still are praying about what to do for first grade in the fall.  I'm looking into Classical Conversations, which has a new group starting in our area.  It is very appealing - we shall see!  Aaron is definitely a HUGE helper around here, and he loves it.  We are seeing such growth - in every way.  He's getting so tall, so capable - it's sometimes hard to believe he's just 5!  I'm trying to soak up the days with my oldest boy, and stuff down the panic at the realization that he's going to just keep growing, and that most likely it will feel like it's getting faster & faster!

Michael has been adjusting to some new things with his job - he is now traveling 2 days a week to template countertop jobs - his boss accepted a contract through Home Depot and that has brought tons more work, new guys on the crew, and some long hours. We are so thankful for a steady job and God's provision, and are also looking forward to a slow down once the systems get adjusted.  We are also watching the real estate market closely and praying about when to sell our home and when to buy another one to remodel.  God knows and has perfect timing!

My parents are done with school for the summer!!!!!!!  YAY!!  And will be working on finishing up the inside of their addition.  I have a feeling we'll be over there a lot this summer, and I can't wait.  I have such an awesome family.  My brother Nate was just here for a week, visiting - it was so great to reconnect with them and get to know their girls.  Many fun visits ahead, I am sure.  I wish Michigan was located in a more westerly direction.  Right between Oregon & California would be good!