Monday, July 31

the latest (pray your guts out)

Well, Michael & I went to the dr. on Friday and I was dilated to 1, and 50% effaced, so that was a little discouraging. I went straightaway to the health food store and have, since then, consumed over 3 gallons of red raspberry leaf tea. I also walked my swollen feet to a bloody pulp in the air conditioned and ever entertaining Midland Mall.

bottom line. none of these things moved me.

Today we went in again for a non-stress test and exam, and I'm still dilated to a 1. Dr. Jordahl explained that the non-stress test looks okay, not horrible, but he'd like to see more accellerations of the baby's heartbeat. He thinks Little Muth is running out of room (no kidding). So, tonight at 7 we go in to the hospital and get some Cervadil going, I get to spend the night in the beautifully decorated (but still slightly uncomfortable) MidMichigan Medical Center. Tomorrow morning, the lovely (and dreaded) Pitocin will begin.

It's a little rough for me to get over my ideals about how labor & delivery should go. I was pretty adamant about going all natural, and adjusting my expectations is taking a little longer than it should. I'm disappointed, but I do know that God knows best, and will accomplish His perfect plan in His perfect timing.

But...I (and Michael) would appreciate your prayers. We need to make sure our attitudes stay right during this time. I guess we were both hoping that things would go differently, and we want what is best for everyone, especially our little baby. We want, more than anything else, for God to be glorified in our experience at the hospital and it would really be bad if my stinky attitude got in the way of that.

The good news?? Chances are, we will meet our little one tomorrow. YAY! We will be posting updates as we get a chance!!!

attempted house pics

well this weekend was one of great results at our house. The whole house is painted!!! The tub surround is installed!! All floors except the kitchen and bathroom have one coat of floor paint and we are in awe that so much is already done!!!

I tried to upload some photos of our volunteer laborers. Once again, the dialup connection was too slow, and I only have a few more hours of YOU, mom & dad!!!!!!

Thursday, July 27


gotcha, didn't I?

The "contractions" stopped around 11p, and were not enough to keep me from falling asleep! Praise the Lord!! :-) Today I'm having random, stronger contractions. The doctor said I'd be fine until I can't talk through them, or until my water breaks. This morning my nurse Bev called and said it would probably be sometime in the next 24-48 hours that our little person makes his or her entrance.

so...anybody have an extra large set of rubber pants sitting around?

Mom & I went garage sale-ing this morning. We were scoping out a particularly attractive ad about a daycare going out of business, which turned out quite nicely for us! We picked up an extra pack n play for grandma's house, a changing table, a bumper pad that can be re-covered, and a cute little green hamper. AHHH, the thrills of the bargains!

Wednesday, July 26

furniture (free)

We got some free furniture we got this afternoon. I've been trying to post pictures, but dialup is waaaaaay too slow for mom & dad's high tech 5.0 megapixel camera. So, pics will have to wait. My parents are storing the furniture temporarily in their dining room. Praise God for all His miraculous provisions!

I'm over at mom & dad's house, and have been having "contractions" every 5 minutes for the last hour. I say "contractions" because they don't hurt, so I think it's fake labor... I guess time will tell. Mom says the baby wants to come out and kiss grandma. LOL, mom.

pressing onward!

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers and support! We're still working and waiting! We're right on schedule with the painting. Tonight is ceilings, so that should be fun for Dad & Michael.

A few "soft signs" of labor have been evidencing themselves, but nothing sending us rushing off to the hospital. God is good, we know His timing is perfect. (and I'm still not miserable or anything...) Thanks, Tim, for the song. You had our music pastor & wife laughing and asking, "who is that?"

Today I went and purchased some window shades and shower curtain rod. I figured even if we can move in, we'll need shades before I feel inclined to brave the stores! Who knew that WalMart doesn't carry the el cheapo darkening shades? I had to drive to KMart of all places to find them. Who knew? The errands have almost ended, and the packing is underway!

Monday, July 24

For the convenience of all those insatiably curious, I have added a link to the sidebar for our hospital! You can search by last name, date, and probably some other criteria. Check out the virtual tour. Our hospital is so nice!! Praise the Lord...


Some house pics (happily, very outdated!)

Here is our kitchen/fireplace area as viewed from the hallway

This is the kitchen as viewed from the living room! (note the windows are partially covered with extra drywall sheets)

And our living room with my favorite feature...our patio doors!

God's Grace in our lives cannot be overstated!!! He has provided materially for us, but more than that, a peace that could only come from knowing His plan is always best! I am blown away by His leading and His goodness.

Tonight, Michael & my parents are over sanding the drywall so we can have nice smooth walls. The plan is as follows:

Tomorrow, Michael shall prime the walls and ceilings, and possibly put the first coat of white paint on our ceilings. Wednesday comes the second coat of ceiling paint. Thursday, the floors will be prepped and Friday the floors will be painted. Saturday we will begin the process of installing the kitchen and finish up anything else. then...moving in will begin!

Of course, all this is pending the imminent exodus of Little Muth...whew! Exciting times. It is going to be so fun to look back and say "how crazy were we!?!!?"

Please don't answer that. We know.

Friday, July 21

betting on baby the Bible Way

Okay, everyone. As of Thursday afternoon, Doctor Jordahl says the baby is still quite comfy. liven things up a bit, we're taking bets (ah, er...guesses) on what you think the gender and birth date of our child will be. Post your guesses here, no entry fee required.

and here is an ever-so-unflattering photo of my belly...and me. (the doctor's due date is Sunday the 23rd)

Housing update (but no pics):
knock down is finally up! Hurray!
still to do:
-sand everything
-prime everything
-paint everything
-install tub surround
-install kitchen stuff
-and move in!!!

anyone who wants to come up and help us gets brownie points. or actual brownies, whichever you prefer.

Tuesday, July 18

and we're waiting

The reception for Nate & Lissa went great; it was fun to see a bunch of people we hadn't seen for a few years and it's been nice to have them around. They leave for PA in the am, so we're over at mom & dad's to hang out for awhile.

All of us have nasty colds. I went to the dr. today to see what or if I could get good drugs, but to no avail. I did get a nice look of pity and a prescription for Nasonex and an antibiotic in case my temp goes up and my snot turns green (which I am sure you wanted to know) but Claritin and Sudafed are still my best options. I have been struggling today with knowing that it is God's will for me to be sick...and being ok with that. :-) He is good all the time.

I need to post some pics, but mom & dad have dialup so it might be awhile. Still no news on the baby! I'm 39 weeks and happy to still be pregnant! It's unbelievable to think about the fact that next month at this time our family will have 3 members. I can't really wrap my brain around that right now, but it might be the congestion...

Thanks for your prayers!

Thursday, July 13

happy news in many varieties!

I had my 38 week checkup this morning and lo and behold, I am still very stubbornly pregnant. No dilation, no nothin'! Hurray!!! My doctor said I probably have at LEAST another week! YAY!!! Please don't think the pregnancy hormones are addling my brain (and no rude comments on that topic...I already know my brain is addled). I am truly grateful that he didn't take one look and say "Call your husband and I'll meet you up in maternity" or "see you this weekend" Nate & Lissa got in early this morning and I am super duper excited that (Lord willing) Little Muth will not be barging into the world in the middle of their happy reception.

This weekend is also a prime opportunity for us to get the house further along in progress! Michael has tomorrow off due to the new work schedule of 4 10-hour days, and is planning on getting a final skim coat of mud on those walls!

We picked up the countertops and kitchen cabinets and other sundry supplies on Tuesday, and they definitely exceeded my expectations! The countertop is a nice dark grey color with flecks of blue and tan; we will only have to purchase 1 additional piece. The people giving us the items had originally told us they had 2 base cabinet units, but somehow we ended up with a garage full of cabinets. They don't all match, but I don't care. They will definitely be better than nothing and once we get them painted the same color I think it will turn out fine. I can't wait to get to a point where we can haul them in the house and figure out how we're going to finagle the layout! I'll be painting those outside while Michael does his sanding inside! :-)

Also, a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my dad, who won a substantial cash prize for his paper about the restructuring of the Republican Party in the Election of 1876. (I think I got the right year...) He'd written it for one of his grad classes and the professor suggested he enter it in a contest. HE WON! Way to go, daddy-o!

Tuesday, July 11

full moon, schmull moon

I must clarify. The baby is MORE than welcome to STAY PUT for full moon!!!! Please use any intercessory prayer to help Little Muth sit and stay inside me at least until next week. I'm not feeling quite ready to be delivered of this child yet!!!

of course, God is Sovereign and knows when the best time is for the pending Exodus, so I will just wait to see what He says that time is. :-)

Day 2 of no working consisted of errands, shopping and tonight...picking up some of those kitchen building supplies aforementioned (donated by people in our church family) and blueberry picking with Mom & Shelley!!! YUMMY!

Monday, July 10

still pregnant!

Still waiting for the arrival of Little Muth...just in case anyone is wondering. Tommorrow is full moon, so we'll see if the old wives' tales of lunar calendar motivation for early labor is correct!

I am thoroughly enjoying my first day sans work. I went over to mom's house this morning to help with last minute guest prep and we went to pick up Lissa's mom at the airport. The newlyweds will arrive sometime this week in preparation for this weekend's reception.

God provided more free stuff for our house this weekend! A kitchen sink, faucet, countertops and a couple of base cabinets. We are (as usual) overwhelmed with God's goodness. I promise, pics of our house are pending...

Friday, July 7

There are a few pics of Nate & Lissa's wedding at Mom & Dad's site, if anyone is interested...

Monday, July 3

the countdown

just 3 more days to work! (at the office that is) My house is full of things that need packing for our move...and thank you cards need to be written, and rest needs to be stocked up should be an interesting July, to say the least.

One last coat of mud remains; Michigan humidity makes the mud a little temperamental when it comes to drying. Pray for a dry day or five. HA.

in the event of an early childbirth, or in the event that blogging takes a backseat for the next few weeks due to the loooooong list of things to do and childbirth sneaks up on guys can check out our hospital here (you can take a virtual tour or check out the babies online at the web nursery!) The pics are available one day after the birth.

PLEASE keep praying for us! We need God's help and direction in the finishing of this first phase of our house, and in our adjustment to parenting. We love knowing that you are there praying!!