Tuesday, July 11

full moon, schmull moon

I must clarify. The baby is MORE than welcome to STAY PUT for full moon!!!! Please use any intercessory prayer to help Little Muth sit and stay inside me at least until next week. I'm not feeling quite ready to be delivered of this child yet!!!

of course, God is Sovereign and knows when the best time is for the pending Exodus, so I will just wait to see what He says that time is. :-)

Day 2 of no working consisted of errands, shopping and tonight...picking up some of those kitchen building supplies aforementioned (donated by people in our church family) and blueberry picking with Mom & Shelley!!! YUMMY!


Shannon said...

We'll keep praying that you will get all done you need before the baby comes! Statistics are on your side especially with the firstborn, even more than that God has a perfect plan.

Jen said...

Yeah my precious one waited past the due date and so I decided to do this mega staircase at a monastery near our house to help things along. Yep one hour later and the day before she was to be induced, she decided to start the process. Your in our prayers - the little one will come when His time is right.

mike.kris said...

I hear you on the "baby can stay put"! That's the way I felt too, until I got to about 38 1/2 wks!!! I think I'm ready any time now! Great to hear about the great things the Lord is providing for your home - and our prayers are with you as you work to get more accomplished before the birth of Little Muth.

Amandaleann said...

Hey there guys. I just wanted you to know that we thought of you and missed you a lot last weekend. It just wasn't the same without you. As soon as we get our pics back we will post again. Until then, keep us posted on the little muth. Love ya

Josh and Bekah Jones said...

Is being at home wonderful. I'm sure you have a lot to do before little Muth arrives. We're praying for you and a safe delivery.