Wednesday, July 26

furniture (free)

We got some free furniture we got this afternoon. I've been trying to post pictures, but dialup is waaaaaay too slow for mom & dad's high tech 5.0 megapixel camera. So, pics will have to wait. My parents are storing the furniture temporarily in their dining room. Praise God for all His miraculous provisions!

I'm over at mom & dad's house, and have been having "contractions" every 5 minutes for the last hour. I say "contractions" because they don't hurt, so I think it's fake labor... I guess time will tell. Mom says the baby wants to come out and kiss grandma. LOL, mom.

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Alicia said...

Eek! What happened with the contractions? They might be real ones you know. When I was dilated a little and having contractions I was pleased to not feel much. And then things changed dramatically . . . . I won't scare you with the painful details. Praying for you!