Monday, July 24


Some house pics (happily, very outdated!)

Here is our kitchen/fireplace area as viewed from the hallway

This is the kitchen as viewed from the living room! (note the windows are partially covered with extra drywall sheets)

And our living room with my favorite feature...our patio doors!

God's Grace in our lives cannot be overstated!!! He has provided materially for us, but more than that, a peace that could only come from knowing His plan is always best! I am blown away by His leading and His goodness.

Tonight, Michael & my parents are over sanding the drywall so we can have nice smooth walls. The plan is as follows:

Tomorrow, Michael shall prime the walls and ceilings, and possibly put the first coat of white paint on our ceilings. Wednesday comes the second coat of ceiling paint. Thursday, the floors will be prepped and Friday the floors will be painted. Saturday we will begin the process of installing the kitchen and finish up anything else. then...moving in will begin!

Of course, all this is pending the imminent exodus of Little Muth...whew! Exciting times. It is going to be so fun to look back and say "how crazy were we!?!!?"

Please don't answer that. We know.


LMLogan said...

ok maybe a stupid question - sorry - but what do you mean by painting the floor? is it like a laminate?

Kelli said...

I hope everything goes as planned! I will pray that you will get more done that you thought you could! It is amazing to see what the Lors has provided for you.

TwoMuths said...

Not a stupid question! Our house is built on a slab, and it is down to the bare concrete right now. Eventually we will be putting laminate flooring down, and some carpet in some of the rooms, but for now, we're painting the concrete a nice shade of brown. This is to help it feel cleaner...for my sanity! It will end up looking like a basement floor (with rugs!!)