Thursday, June 29

how relaxing...

I was over at the hospital today, to pay our bill for lab work, and as I was walking back down the long hallway, I happened to look down one of the dimly lit side hallways. I saw, to my amusement, a grey steel door, no window. On the front of the door was a red sign, about 15 inches square with one word on it: "SEDATION" All caps, white lettering.

Seems like seeing that door would be enough to make you need the services offered therein.

Tuesday, June 27

free AND matching???

So, God delights in blessing us. This I know.

Today, we got a call that someone in our church has a fridge for us. It's cream colored, just like our free stove. A small thing, to be certain. I definitely could have used (and loved!) a free fridge in any color. Matching?!?! Unbelievable.

Last week's $10 deals:
a rocking chair at a garage sale (solid, the kind they don't make anymore)
a chest freezer (a 5-footer, no lie)

Pictures to be posted soon of our drywall progress! Perhaps this weekend's project will be knock down for the ceiling! God is so good!!!

In addition, my brother Nate got married this past weekend. HURRAY! We couldn't go b/c of my pregnancy, but mom & dad got to go, and they said it was an absolutely beautiful day, and happiness abounded. We're so happy for them, and glad God put them together. They will be in Michigan for a July 15th reception, and boy am I looking forward to seeing them (and any of you guys that are coming!!!)

Again I am singing...

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases,
His mercies never come to an end!
They are new every morning,
New every morning,
Great is Thy faithfulness, O Lord!
Great is Thy faithfulness!!

Tuesday, June 20

excuse me?

I went in yesterday for my 35-week checkup. Amazing how fast time flies. As the nurse was checking my blood pressure, she said, "You do realize that anything is fair game now. At 35 weeks, if you went into labor, we wouldn't stop you." And then she proceeded to hand me pre-admittance papers and information on pain management and all the other decisions I'll have to make before the birth of the baby. I'm sure I looked slightly shocked...

YIKES! Here I am, blissfully thinking that I have 5-7 weeks left of pregnancy, and this nurse just popped my bubble of bliss. For the first time it really HIT me that this baby is coming - SOON! Now I know the chances of my delivering 5 weeks early is slim to none, but that nurse and her mischievous twinkle and grin really got me thinking...

Housing update: all our drywall is up, and we're working on the 2nd coat of mud. Consumer's is supposedly switching our power over sometime this week, so we will once again have power in every room (YAY!!)

Still remaining:
finish mudding and then paint the walls & floors
finish up the bathroom (add the shower surround and hardware)
rig up our temporary kitchen (we still need a sink & a fridge!)
packing, packing and more packing!!!

I am not panicking...what good would that do anyway??? Waste my energy (already at a premium) and stress me out? I don't think so. My God knows exactly what He is doing!! I'm going to take one day at a time, and currently I'm counting down to my last day of work - July 7! (or, in the words of my lovely nurse Bev, "if you make it that long") Thanks, Bev.

Wednesday, June 14

junior high Christians

Lately, I've been doing a little thinking as I peruse blog articles and websites discussing which ministry methods are best, which parenting techniques are fully glorifying to God. I've been burdened by our tendencies to "best" each other or find fault with each other in order to make ourselves feel better about whatever choice we make.

I was going to post something, but while reading Ruthie's blog this morning, I clicked on a link to her brother-in-law's site and found an article well written. Wanted to leave a comment, but apparently I have to log in, so instead of leaving a comment there, I urge you to check out this insightful article.

I've commented before that I love working with junior highers because you EXPECT them to be immature, to lack discretion, to be in that transitional state, to be insecure and figuring things out for themselves (and yes, to smell a certain way). It is so exciting to watch them grow past that, to watch the metamorphosis from just-out-of-sixth-grade to going-into-ninth-grade. The growth is USUALLY phenomenal. I love the process.

Occasionally, however, it's not so exciting. A kid will come in and go out with the same immaturity, lack of discretion, and unanswered questions that he came in with...and it breaks your heart! It's incredibly sad to watch these kids grow into young adulthood and graduate with a junior high mentality.

Are we as believers doing the same? Does our lack of maturity, discretion and security encourage hastily spoken words of judgement? What is our motive for this judgement? Am I allowing God's Word to dominate my words, my thoughts, my judgements of others? When confrontation needs to occur, do I do it based on God's Word or am I a "junior higher" and pass the word around that "so-and-so did thus-and-such" thereby sowing seeds of dissention?

God, please make me sensitive to You.

Monday, June 12

they just keep coming

Talk about Works of God Mondays...

This Monday and Tuesday, Michael & Ken will be getting paid to work on our house. All day. You think we might be able to get the drywall completed? We will certainly be a lot closer than before!!

Is this not amazing? Do we serve an incredible God or what? I can see why people lift "holy hallelujah hands." But I am a Baptist Girl with many inhibitions (LOL), so it is the hands of my heart that are fully extended as I rejoice in the goodness of my God, who is good ALL the time!

EDIT NOTE: Quite by "accident" I found some articles written by Josh Larsen on this very topic which I found pretty interesting. See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Thursday, June 8

Here we are after Saturday's shower in front of our van full of shower gifts. We were the recipients of a multitude of items bought with Little Muth in mind. It's amazing to think we need all this stuff for such a little person. Praise God for His provision through His people!

Here's my funny man, blowing out crazy candles on a mom-made birthday cake. Emma & Olivia are looking on, and Matt & Mark are in the background. Mom invited some friends to celebrate Michael's birthday with us after church! (these are their kids...lest you think this is an appropriate age group for us to fellowship with)

the belly

well, folks, here I am (last night) at 33 weeks pregnant. It's so hard to believe there are only 7 weeks left! Seems like just yesterday we were staring at the little pink lines...

As you can see, I am trying to make up for my tired appearance with a Muthlike crazy face. Looking at the photo, I can see that it did not work. (much to my chagrin)

Tuesday, June 6

catch up

The Pittsleys have come up with the coolest list of NBBC bloggers. Check it out and see if you can add more!

Thursday, June 1

needed, one English teacher

Hey all! If anyone knows of an excellent English teacher who is a committed Christian, loves high school kids, and would be interested in teaching in a great Christian school come fall, shoot me an email. Our school is looking, desperately.

i shouldn't be surprised...

God's provision has been miraculous for us! I know I just posted a list of blessings, however, it would not be right for me to hold in my praise to God for all He is doing!

Last night we went to pick up our FREE electrical service panel (over $100 saved there) from another couple at our church (he is an electrician), and our friend the electrician said he had extra circut breakers left over from some jobs he'd done. So he GAVE THEM TO US!!!! (another $100 plus saved) He also had some spare dryer wire, and handed us a length of that to run at our house.

Last week it was coax cable and cat 5 phone wire that God gave us! And we also found out that the large spools of wire we purchased a little over a month ago for $200 each now cost over $1000!!! Who knew the price of copper would go up 68%? God saved us money before we even knew it!

My heart is doing a MAJOR happy dance as I delight in the provision of my God. I shouldn't be surprised, as I know that God delights in blessing us. But I am. It is humbling to know that although I am often unfaithful to my God, He is never unfaithful to me. And more than that, in response to my failures, God's blessings are dumped on me from heaven.

Why would I even hesitate to give my all? How can we do anything BUT serve this altogether faithful God?