Tuesday, June 26

points of interest

We are back from our 10 day road trip adventure. I have uploaded our pictures to Facebook, but if you do not have access to that, you can still see pictures of our trip! Click here and here. To see pictures from Aaron & Julia's beautiful wedding, click here.

Before leaving on this adventure, we made a quick stop at the library so I could pick up a few books I'd been trying to find time to read. Of course, the books I was looking for were both checked out, so I quickly scanned the parenting section for a title of interest. I found the book pictured here, which turned out to be a fascinating find. I was thinking I had awhile before potty training is to begin, but this book had some interesting, low pressure ideas about introducing the potty as part of the routine early on in life. It is a very interesting point of view to be sure. I'll let you know how it all, er...pans out (heh heh heh)

PRAISE GOD for a wonderful vacation. The day before the wedding was, for me, one of Alexandric proportions, but God is always good and we managed to muddle through forgotten food, diapers, wipes and a flat tire on the way to rehearsal dinner. God's hand was gracious and His working evident. The wedding was a huge blessing and success, Aaron traveled like a trooper most of the time, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and the break from the routine. Thanks for all the prayers! After about 2300 miles, We are definitely glad to be back home.

Thursday, June 14

and we're off...

Woo hoo! Vacation time has finally come! We thank Julia and Aaron for thinking of getting married so that we can go!! This weekend we will be staying with Tim & Sarah Valiante and get to meet little Micah for the first time. Aaron can hardly contain his excitement, as you can see. Don't you love his two top teeth? The child resembles a hillbilly, for sure. After a brief stopover in DC, we're on to the wedding on the 23rd and the fun that will bring!

Monday, June 11

Spell check, I praise thee!

In an age where most of our correspondence is electronic, why is it so common for spelling mistakes to multiply and flourish like little moldy spores of unintelligent communication? It's only ONE extra step, just a little button to push or a command to execute. In hopes that all will utilize the brilliant invention, I tell you this:

There is something wonderfully satisfying about seeing the message "No Misspellings Found" flash across the top of your electronic communique.

"It's so easy!"

"It was meant to be. It was meant to be."

Thursday, June 7

Blessed be the LORD, who daily bears us up; God is our salvation. (Ps 69:11)

Wednesday, June 6

aaron updates and a happy birthday wish

Here's Aaron hanging out in the office while his mother works. Make that "while his mother tries to work." He's quite the kid. It will be mere days until walking (er, running) becomes the norm and we will be chasing him all around. He is unlike his mother in that he enjoys taking risks that often result in physically uncomfortable consequences. Bumps and bruises are becoming quite normal. He is also becoming quite a ham. Last night he did something that made us laugh, and he looked up at us laughing and did the same thing again and again, producing even more laughing. He definitely is understanding much more than we ever thought possible at this age. He's doing great with eating up vast quantities of big people food like cheese, chicken, toast, watermelon and pretty much anything else we give him. And yet he holds steady in the third percentile for his age. I don't think we're going to have to wait until he's a teen for him to eat us out of house and home. It is hard to believe that ten months have passed already.

We'd also like to take this opportunity (Aaron and I) to wish Michael a very VERY happy 27th birthday! We think that he is, quite simply, the best.

Tuesday, June 5

be gone, you unwanted ad photos!

We've been using Firefox as our browser of choice, and I just found out that they have an ad blocker update that filters out the photos on the ads! Anyone who has been "surprised" by unwanted photos of the results of a weight loss product or items that SHOULD be whomever's secret will be delighted with the results of Firefox's new tool!