Tuesday, November 7

the Muth "Mansion"

Here it is - another miracle! This is the house that God allowed us to buy! We closed on it last December and got to work in January. Eleven months, more than a few sore muscles and a little money later, here we live! And, at long last, here are updated house project photos. You will notice that we still haven't unpacked all the boxes, and there still isn't much on our walls. It will come together eventually, I am sure. We're still busy plugging away, remembering that the tortoise, did, after all, win the race.

Current plan is to be here for 5 years, improve as we can, and sell the house (which of course will make us filthy rich, LOL) The remaining projects are lighting, siding, flooring & trim, with a few little projects here and there; then the kitchen gets a major overhaul. Stay tuned, and keep praying!


Alicia said...

What a blessed home you have! How much did you pay for the house? I'm sure you'll make a little profit when you sell. Better get those floors done before your little guy starts crawling. Has he done any more rolling over?

Mom Muth said...

Thanks for the tour of your house. We are very excited to get to see it for ourselves in about two weeks and a day.

Love you,

Mom and all

Andrew and Renee said...

Hey Muths! How exciting to be in your own house. We can't wait for that opportunity. Your little guy is so cute! What an adorable smile. Hope to see you guys sometime soon. RN

Katrina said...

Hey Muths,
Thanks for the virtual tour! Be encouraged! It is looking great! Much more homey! Don and I have been living in our home for over three years. Just recently I unpacked my last box and our last few projects are being finished up! It's a slow process, especially when you have lots of work to be done!