Wednesday, November 15

I hope I never forget

1. how you take in life with curious eyes
2. your adorable noises (experimental) with voice and lips and tongue
3. how you wake up with big stretches and fall asleep grunting
4. big blowout diapers (the stories we'll tell)
5. the look that says "thanks mom, for feeding me"
6. full body yawns
7. your little arm curled around my neck
8. how sometimes you look like a little old man (without wrinkles)
9. your "little bug" blinks
10. the way you startle when daddy sneezes

such a little person...
such a big God
such creativity


Alicia said...

full body yawns are my favorite!

Reads said...

Funny I was clicking on to post a comment and Alicia took the words right out of my mouth!! The full body yawns are so cute, how can you not love these times! Audrey is in her crib now supposed to be napping, but instead is trying out her voice (as long as she is not crying I won't complain!)

mike.kris said...

What a great list - I definitely agree. I would also have to add ginormous fat rolls!

TwoMuths said...

we don't have those fat rolls yet - at least, not on Aaron!!! :-)

Sarah said...

The pics of Aaron are so cute. It seems as though time flys by - each stage is so much fun =)I love the way Allie will smach her lips after a full tummy. . .so much fun!

mike.kris said...

LOL - I tell Aayla to enjoy the rolls while she can get away with it. When else can a girl get compliments on her fat rolls and have it be a great thing?!?

Jim the Bandjock said...

gosh, it's so neat to see Muth and Forbes traits looking at Aaron. God is neat.

Love you both! =)