Monday, August 27

more to read

I know bunches of you are fans of Rocks in My Dryer, (and the WFMW posts!) but some of you might not have ever visited. Let me tell you, you've gotta check it out. A recent addition to that great site is Bloggy Giveways that helps increase traffic for WAHM's, (by giving away FREE STUFF) both of which of course I am a big fan of. There are some beautiful items over there to win, and by visiting the WAHM shop sites, I've harvested several ideas for copycat projects of my own. We will see if I find the time to do them!

There are so many resources out there in Bloggersville! Daily I am more amazed at the wealth of knowledge to be gained from other bloggers. Any favorites you'd like to share with me?

Tuesday, August 21

taking it for granted

This week I've been thinking. (I know, some of you are gasping in shock at that thought) I've been thinking of all the things I just "expect" to happen - I expect the car to always turn on, and carry me safely to my destination. I expect that the fridge will keep our food from spoiling and that there will be hot water when I take a shower or wash my hands.

As itty bitties, we expect to grow old, to be married, to have babies. When we do grow old, get married, and have babies, we expect those babies to follow the same pattern.

We expect that our paychecks will keep coming, and that if we're not stupid with our money, there will be enough to cover the mortgage, the electricity and even a few extras like a phone and high speed internet.

I expect things from others - that they will not lie, that they will be courteous and maybe even go out of their way to make things nice for those around them. I expect them to put their trash where it goes, and I admit that I take it a little too personally when they don't.

I expect to stay healthy, to be happy, and to merrily go along my way. I take it for granted. And then, something happens. I wake up with clogged sinuses or the microwave fritzes or I get a call from a friend whose parent or sibling or child is seriously unwell. And (depending on the severity of the "disaster") instead of taking it in stride, instead of accepting this unexpected turn in the road, I collapse.

Now I'm not so fragile that I physically collapse, or can no longer function. But inwardly, a war begins between what I expected and what is. An emotional reaction becomes a spiritual battle. I beg God to change it, to fix it, or just to tell me why. I plead with God to allow me to understand what He is doing, and even as the words tumble over themselves in their haste, the Holy Spirit is working in my mind.

I mentally concur that I don't REALLY want to know - that I really want to trust Him, to give back these details that are already His. I know intellectually that His Plan is the best. But the struggle between heart and head is so real, so painful at times that I am left feeling somehow shortchanged and very disappointed.

The only thing to do is to trust that this God who loves me and cannot lie will accomplish His best. It's not an easy thing to do - this exchanging what I expected for what is - in fact, it is agonizing. But I do know that my God is faithful and that whatever He chooses to accomplish in me, around me, or through me, is completely up to Him.

I can cling to Him tightly when the road takes a turn, and I know His arms will completely enfold me. Here, I am safe.

Thursday, August 16

one small step

It doesn't seem like a big deal to those of you whose kiddos haven't yet begun to walk, but it makes a huge difference to me. This week, Aaron has made the transition from walking as recreational activity (walk, fall down, crawl to desired destination) to walking as primary form of mobility (walk, fall down, get up, walk to desired destination) It is so SO crazy to see all 28 3/4 inches of him teetering about. He's definitely becoming more independent, and he has the bumps and bruises to prove it! He's certainly ALL boy!

Monday, August 13

all the vitals

So I'm a little overdue posting about my son the one year old - maybe because I'm still trying to get over the shock!!! (Really because I just have been lazy!) We had a little get together with the family, he ate some strawberry shortcake and loved all his birthday gifts (even though he liked the packaging much better)

And last week, the doctor's visit for his one year checkup went swimmingly. Aaron now weighs a whopping 20 lbs 4 oz and is 28 3/4 inches tall. Unfortunately for him, this only bumps his weight up to the 10th percentile. Our backs thank him for that. Soon he will be able to grow as much as he wants - his walking skills are becoming quite polished. He is now able to stand from sitting all on his own with no help from a nearby object or person. He's met and exceeded all the normal milestones, and has begun adding words to his vocabulary. Most recently, "balloon" which sounds more like "boon" and a very clear "Amen" at the end of our family bedtime prayers, along with the occasional "Bible." He's becoming quite a little mimic, which has us all in fits of laughter quite regularly.

Happy Belated Birthday, little man!

Thursday, August 9

all hail the neti pot!

It's confession time. I watch Oprah. I don't want her to be our president, I don't think her advice is all that reliable, and I certainly don't watch every day. But on occasion, I will switch on the TV at 4 and see what she has to say. The "off" button is pretty easy to push if I don't like the topic. Oh, come now. I see your looks of horror and hear your gasps, but whatever. Just hear me out.

I have gained some pretty valuable information while watching Oprah. For example, about 6 months ago I happened to catch an episode where a neti pot was explained and demonstrated. Of course, learning about the benefits of this homeopathic device perked my ears and I figured this was one of those products I would like to try.

Of course, when a product is featured on Oprah, it immediately becomes I did not have any luck locating one in the Grand Metropolis in which we reside.

Today, I bought a neti pot and a quantity of sea salt at our local health food store. Set me back $21.47, but I did have some birthday money. And I tried it. I'm telling you, Oprah knows what she's talking about regarding neti pots. I'm a huge fan. I used it about an hour ago and my sinuses feel better than they have in a very VERY long time. I am pretty sure that neti potting will become part of my normal routine. Definitely worth every penny.

When you try it, you'll want to make sure the water is warm to the touch. The first time I tried it, the water was too cool, and I got that fuzzy feeling like I'd been swimming and snorted some water into my nostrils. The warm water felt delightful immediately.