Thursday, August 9

all hail the neti pot!

It's confession time. I watch Oprah. I don't want her to be our president, I don't think her advice is all that reliable, and I certainly don't watch every day. But on occasion, I will switch on the TV at 4 and see what she has to say. The "off" button is pretty easy to push if I don't like the topic. Oh, come now. I see your looks of horror and hear your gasps, but whatever. Just hear me out.

I have gained some pretty valuable information while watching Oprah. For example, about 6 months ago I happened to catch an episode where a neti pot was explained and demonstrated. Of course, learning about the benefits of this homeopathic device perked my ears and I figured this was one of those products I would like to try.

Of course, when a product is featured on Oprah, it immediately becomes I did not have any luck locating one in the Grand Metropolis in which we reside.

Today, I bought a neti pot and a quantity of sea salt at our local health food store. Set me back $21.47, but I did have some birthday money. And I tried it. I'm telling you, Oprah knows what she's talking about regarding neti pots. I'm a huge fan. I used it about an hour ago and my sinuses feel better than they have in a very VERY long time. I am pretty sure that neti potting will become part of my normal routine. Definitely worth every penny.

When you try it, you'll want to make sure the water is warm to the touch. The first time I tried it, the water was too cool, and I got that fuzzy feeling like I'd been swimming and snorted some water into my nostrils. The warm water felt delightful immediately.


dan and cheryl forbes said...

So this was a "netti" gain in your health and well being?

Conleys said...

I confess- I would watch her too more when I had the "4:00" feeding with Esther and had to sit down anyways. I, too, could turn her off if the show got on my nerves. I haven't watched in a while, but the shows that captured me were the ones with Dr. Oz. I saw that one about the neti pot and was interested but forgot about it. I'm glad it works, I'll have to keep my eye out for one as I'm always one for sinus troubles.

Don & Katrina Hines said...

I saw that episode as well! Glad to hear it works, did it help that headache at all?
I had one more cranky pants after I talked to you, but my happy, helpful people out weighed my crankmisters! =)

Erin Neiner said...

This is very interesting and it is cracking me up how many will probably "come out of the woodwork" as being Oprah watchers! :) I don't even have the option as I don't get the channel. BUT, cool fact, my very own brother works for Oprah!!!! He is one of her carpenters & even help build her stage when they remodeled last year, I think it was!!! He is one of the crew chiefs!! Kind of crazy, esp. if you knew my brother. Anyway, I did some catching up...your diaper bag is just fabulous!!! I LOVE the retro dotted interior! Happy neti potting~ :)

Rachel said...

I'll have to pass this information on to my mom. She has struggled with her sinuses for as long as I can remember. Her preference is to use more natural remedies to alleviate her discomfort. I don't think that she has heard of the neti pot and it would probably interest her.
I'll watch Oprah if she is doing a makeover show or has Dr. Oz on. I haven't watched it in a long time. I hope that you have continued success with your new purchase:).

Kelly Glupker said...

Forget the neti pot - I am absolutely shocked at how many of you watch Oprah!!!!
Just kidding - I don't watch her, but there is something appealing about her and her show even though she is so liberal.