Wednesday, July 25

on birthdays

August is coming, and it's been since June that I posted.  Life is busy, I'm doing my best to spend less time online and more time in real life, and facebook photos are quick to upload, and statuses (statii?) so quick and easy to update that blogging has taken a back seat.  Our summer, so far?  Looks like this.  Our dinnertime on Monday?  Looked like this.

Birthdays - Aaron's 6th, mine the next day (33!) and then Evan's 4th on the 15th.  It's crazy, birthday month.

Birthdays are good.  Getting older, also good.  What a gracious God to allow us time to know Him here on earth, to build relationships with others, to reflect, to grow, to observe - it's amazing.  Lately, I've been praying with much fervency, that my children will come to know God for themselves; that they will know re-birth in Christ, that they will be made alive spiritually.  Only God can do this work, and it's hard for me to wait!

Six years old seems like a really big deal.  Six years ago, yesterday, I was blogging about my due date, getting larger than life, and updating everyone on the condition of our home.  And looking at that picture - I think I was the biggest with that first baby...thank goodness!  It's been an amazing 6 years, that is for sure.  We have seen God work and watched Him continue to be faithful to us.  How humbling!

Four years old is nothing to sneeze at, either.  Four years ago, I was cleaning up things that I had forgotten about and posting articles about VBAC while trying to decide what God wanted us to do about the birth of child #2. I was also getting ready for the garage sale I would never forget.  I thought I had weeks and weeks, but I really only had weeks.

Anyway, check back on the 2nd.  I'll be having my annual (is it the FIFTH annual, really!?) birthday giveaway.  So you'll want to come back for that.  Even though last year's winner didn't get her prize package until several months later (uh, sorry Rach!), she did get it.  And so will you, if you win.  Can't wait to see you back next week...