Friday, July 21

betting on baby the Bible Way

Okay, everyone. As of Thursday afternoon, Doctor Jordahl says the baby is still quite comfy. liven things up a bit, we're taking bets (ah, er...guesses) on what you think the gender and birth date of our child will be. Post your guesses here, no entry fee required.

and here is an ever-so-unflattering photo of my belly...and me. (the doctor's due date is Sunday the 23rd)

Housing update (but no pics):
knock down is finally up! Hurray!
still to do:
-sand everything
-prime everything
-paint everything
-install tub surround
-install kitchen stuff
-and move in!!!

anyone who wants to come up and help us gets brownie points. or actual brownies, whichever you prefer.


Mom Muth said...

July 31st, yup, July 31st. that way you can go to church on Sunday and be back by Wednesday night. Ha ha. Your little boy will be so beautiful!

Hi Michael and Jenny!

We're still not buying plane tickets, yet. Dad has a hard time thinking he can get away.

Loving you,


Carrie said...

I'm going to say July 28, and hmmmm . . . a boy. :) Loved the picture! You really look great. I think I was at least that big by 37 weeks! Hang in there, you are almost done!

Alicia said...

My guess is for July 30, and a boy. You look GREAT! I was bigger than a garden shed at that point and you are looking cutely rotund. :) Praying for you!

Karen said...

July 27th for your baby boy. :) I laughed out loud at Alicia's garden shed comment, but I wholeheartedly agree that you look fantastic! I'm about your size and only 32 weeks! :)

Michael & Sandra Herriage said...

I vote for July 26th for your cute little girl. :)

Since I'm the only one commenting who hasn't been pregnant before, I won't say how big I was at 37 weeks.

Shannon said...

I was going to say July 27th also. Girl, 7lb 4 oz. But for your sake - maybe it will be today! You look great.

Shyla said...

hang in there girlfriend!! it's hard not to hope that it will come on the due date! just remember---whatever day the baby does come ( I will join the ranks of the misguided and say a it's a GIRL) that will be it's real due date! ya, i know that's not comforting! I have been thinking about you.

Stephens said...

Hey, girl! How I wish I was recovered from surgery and helping you at your house. :-( But I will focus on what is true. :-) I've been reading, and I'll let you guess what book. Praise God for His sovereignty! I know that little Muth will be here just at the right time. My guess would be by this next weekend. I have been wondering if you might be having a boy. Girls are certainly wonderful though, as I can happily testify to. I am praying for you, Jenny--love ya!

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Dad says a girl. Mom says a boy.
One of us will be right :)
Date: August 2 (Dad)
No one has said the 26th
so that day gets my vote.

dan and cheryl forbes said...

Oops -- Guess Sandra had that date--- so I will change to July 25th.
Hugs! mom

andrea said...

I vote TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy/girl. Doesn't matter. I'll like it no matter what the gender. I'll be a great grandmother!

Tim St. Clair II said...

"The baby'll come out . . . tomorrow! Bet your bottom dollar that . . . tomorrow, they'll be life! Just thinkin' about tomorrow, clears away the odd cravings and the sorrow, 'till there's none.

When I'm stuck being hot, and not, contracting! I just stick up my chin and grin and SAY!!! OWWWWWWWWW!

The baby'll come out, tomorrow . . . so you gotta hang on 'till tomorrow, come what may! Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I'll have a boy, tomorrow! It's only a day away!



LMLogan said...

ok umm...28th - girl!! :) can't wait to hear who's closest!! looking good!! :)

kristi said...

I am still rooting for August 2nd, but I'd love to hear the big news before then. And I'm guessing... a boy.

Tim, that picture of you is a RIOT. you are too funny.

praying for you, jenny!

Shannon said...

What was that Tim said about his love for Broadway on his blog the other day? I would've never guessed. :)

TwoMuths said...

yeah, only Tim would make up alternate lyrics to a broadway tune in our honor...

TwoMuths said...

by the way, everyone is being so nice to say that I look great. I appreciate those comments at this late, swollen stage of the game! :-)

ruth (johnson) valiante said...

Jenny, I say the 29th--just in time to get the floors painted. And it's a girl, definitely a girl. Love ya!

Beth (Emig) Busch said...

Hi Michael and Jenny!
We're so excited for you with your new baby coming and your house preparations coming along so well. Just think, the time will fly by and, before you know it, you'll be all settled in the house with a cute little baby smiling up at you. I vote for a boy. Since I didn't see anyone vote for August 1st, I'll say that date. We wish you the best with getting your home finished! Can't wait to hear your exciting news. You do look great by the way.
Beth, Kevin, and Silas

Amandaleann said...

Jenny, I think it's going to be a boy too. As for when Aaron will come . . . I say 07-27. By the way what is my prize if I win? :) I will also bet that the baby looks more like you than Michael. What do you think?

CurtandSarah said...

July 27.

I'm praying for you, Jenny.

"Soon and very soon, la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la."

Kelli said...

I will say August 1, and a girl...Hope all goes well!

TwoMuths said...

Sorry, everyone! Since there is no entry fee, there is no pool to draw from for prize money...:-)