Wednesday, July 26

pressing onward!

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers and support! We're still working and waiting! We're right on schedule with the painting. Tonight is ceilings, so that should be fun for Dad & Michael.

A few "soft signs" of labor have been evidencing themselves, but nothing sending us rushing off to the hospital. God is good, we know His timing is perfect. (and I'm still not miserable or anything...) Thanks, Tim, for the song. You had our music pastor & wife laughing and asking, "who is that?"

Today I went and purchased some window shades and shower curtain rod. I figured even if we can move in, we'll need shades before I feel inclined to brave the stores! Who knew that WalMart doesn't carry the el cheapo darkening shades? I had to drive to KMart of all places to find them. Who knew? The errands have almost ended, and the packing is underway!

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