Thursday, February 27

annnnd September through February

So apparently I'm blogging every six months. I thought I had published more posts, but I also thought I was on top of blog post hackers who comment with phishing links. But I wasn't (I just took care of that).

We have a new house. It's a project. We have the kitchen and upstairs bathroom torn apart now, and it's not so bad, because we have about double the space in our former house, which we sold in October. We are so blessed.

And school is in full swing! We are loving Classical Conversations again this year!

Everything is behind. I am disorganized. It's getting better. But sometimes not. No one got any holiday cards this year, oops. They are still sitting in their orange shutterfly envelope, leering "Happy New Year" at me. Thank goodness I had a coupon code and only paid shipping!

I joined a MOPS group in a nearby town, and love it. It's nice to have support from fellow moms who love Jesus and their kids. It's nice to force myself into meeting new people.

Michael started a new side business selling Michigan shaped cutting boards and trivets. It's really fun to see him have fun being creative.

My other (maternal) grandma is in Heaven as of December, and I'm sure it's seemed like a second to her. As I hear of hurts, sickness, heartache and sorrow from my friends going through family and marriage struggles, cancer battles and financial distress, I long to be Home also. Until then, I cling to the One who created me and has a Purpose for all of what happens on this crazy planet.

He has been good.