Monday, August 27

more to read

I know bunches of you are fans of Rocks in My Dryer, (and the WFMW posts!) but some of you might not have ever visited. Let me tell you, you've gotta check it out. A recent addition to that great site is Bloggy Giveways that helps increase traffic for WAHM's, (by giving away FREE STUFF) both of which of course I am a big fan of. There are some beautiful items over there to win, and by visiting the WAHM shop sites, I've harvested several ideas for copycat projects of my own. We will see if I find the time to do them!

There are so many resources out there in Bloggersville! Daily I am more amazed at the wealth of knowledge to be gained from other bloggers. Any favorites you'd like to share with me?


Don & Katrina Hines said...

The Hines Herald is also a great one! It tells the many adventures of a guy named Don and a girl named Katrina with their exciting dog, Godiva! =)

Actually, I never really explore too much. I tend to go from one blog to the other of people I am trying to stay current with.

Funny - your Word Verification was beyndfuz (like beyond fuzz). Sorry, never really have seen words in these things before! Enlightening!

Alicia said...

Love the new feature film. Chloe tried to say Vivaldi but only came out with "Aldi" (our weekly grocery store).

I've only looked at rocks in my dryer a few times, I'll have to add it to my google reader. Have you ever won any free stuff through that blog?

Ok, second time through on the feature film and Chloe is now saying Vivaldi. :)

Erin Neiner said...

I have not checked out that blog in some time...I am glad you reminded me about it! I have a "list" of favorite blogs that I often check when looking for cute ideas or inspiration. I think I'll have to put them up on my blog...too many. I LOVE your video of Aaron leading music! That is too cute!!! much practice did that take??? ;) He is getting so big. And I really did hear him say "---aldi" I am impressed!!! :)