Tuesday, June 6

catch up

The Pittsleys have come up with the coolest list of NBBC bloggers. Check it out and see if you can add more!


Anonymous said...

There is a blogring for xanga bloggers at
The xanga blogring site.
It's too bad the Pittsleys' list can't include them. There are 85 more! Plus the NBBC staff kids blogring: NBBC Staff Kids

LMLogan said...


Pittsley said...

Wow, Jenny! Way to go! You just about doubled our traffic yesterday. Sorry, there are still about 10 to 15 blogs that have been added on our end that aren't showing up on that sidebar. I think we're close to 100 now!


TwoMuths said...

Looks like the xanga blogring is mostly made up of current students, whereas I do believe the Pittsley's list includes more of us old fogies who've been gone from NBBC for awhile. I think I only recognized a couple of names on that xanga blogring!

Way to go, Jenny P! Glad to help spread the word!

Brad Gaugler said...

Micheal, Happy belated Birthday