Thursday, August 2

happy birthday to me! (and you, and you, and you!)

So, it's my birthday, and it's already been really, really great.  I got an uninterrupted night's sleep from Cadey, favorite birthday gift EVER.  I got to video chat with a great friend from college (we share this birthday!) and we agree - life just gets better after 30!

 My mom and dad have the boys, they're cooking up something today and I'll join them at dinner time.  It's just me and Cadey today.

I'm planning on doing a few things that are impossible with 3 kids like vacuuming out the van, getting some jewelry fixed, shopping without hurrying, you know, exciting stuff like that.  I'm also getting my first haircut in about a year.  And maybe, just maybe, putting together the delicious looking cake you see on the left, with modifications. 
(photo credit)

But today is also about giving.  I'm giving away presents!  It's going to be something great, just you wait and see. I love surprises - so if you don't, this is not the giveaway for you.  Hint?  You want a hint???  It will be a collection of a few of my favorite things...something to read, something delicious, and something fun.  Also, there will be a Pampered Chef favorite, because, you know, I sell that great stuff. 

For an entry in the drawing, please leave a comment on the blog - tell me something about birthdays - the most memorable one for you, the worst birthday cake ever, the funniest gift you've gotten - anything.  Just do that, and live in the US (or have a US mailing address), and you're eligible!  The giveaway will be open until Thursday the 8th. 


Amanda said...

I am gonna have to think about this one. : ) Happy birthday Jen

Julie V said...

Happy Birthday, Jenny!
Something about birthdays? Well, in my family the tradition was that you could have only one friend over to celebrate with you (bummer when you're 5 and everyone else is having huge birthday bashes . . .). But when we turned 10 (a magical age for some reason) we got a huge birthday bash of our choice. I chose to invite all the girls in my class and go swimming at the community center, which is always fun =) After birthday #10 it was back to the one-friend policy until our traditional "surprise" 16th birthday party. For some reason, after that, birthdays took more of a back burner in our house, and there they have stayed, waiting for grandkids to celebrate in fine fashion =)

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Jenny! Sound like you will have a great day but I wish you a happy day anyway. My birthday is in June and for some reason my mom thought strawberry shortcake was my favorite cake and I didn't really care for it that much, anyway I had it for several years and I really wanted chocolate but now I like it much better..just a funny memory of my birthdays

Joshua, Rebekah, Ethan, Elysia, Eoin, and Evrett Shaver said...

I have never been a fan of my Birthday, but last year my new DEAR friend invited our family to stay at their home for my Birthday weekend. She made me a Gluten Free Carrot Cake, and a HUGE basket full of homemade bath supplies and candles. I was so VERY surprised and blessed by her efforts. Friends are a WONDERFUL gift.

Busch family said...

Happy birthday, Jenny! Sounds like a fun day, especially the part about shopping without hurrying! :) My most vivid birthday cake memory is from Silas' 2nd birthday. I was making him a more healthy cake and we planned to have some sweet friends over to celebrate. The cake was baked in a bundt pan and, in spite of all my greasing efforts, did not come out in one piece, or two, or three. It kinda came out in large chunks. Thankfully our friends didn't care, Silas didn't know any better, and we enjoyed the cake sprinkled over our ice cream! I mushed a bunch together to put 2 candles in it so he could blow them out. I'm convinced that cakes don't like me, but thankfully the subsequent cakes I've made have been nicer to me!

Mary Ann said...

Happy birthday to you!! It's very sweet and generous of you to give us a gift! My birthday is tomorrow and my fabulous hubby got me a Samsung Tab 2 - yeeeeehawww! I'm super spoiled. I hope that you have had a great time celebrating wonderful you :-)

Rachel said...

Well, Happy Happy day to you! I got a pretty great box in the mail last year from 'someone's' birthday give-away, that was pretty super. And seriously, who celebrates just for the day?....we call out 'birth-months' around this place ;)

Tracy said...

I think my most memorable birthday was this past week (August 1) Standing in a huge line at Chick-fil-A and just being on vacation with my family. We spent the whole day together and it was the best birthday I've had.