Friday, April 20

the incredible amazing pagan wonder boy!

"Come over here, Mr. Q and Mrs. Z! I want to eat you!"

As you can see by the feature film, Aaron is already more athletically gifted than his mother! I think we are also beginning to see aspects of Personality, but that will remain to be seen. At least for now, he's driven and tenacious (to get those foam letters ALL out of that bucket if he gets his head stuck trying!!!!) You may also notice his creativity - It's rare to see a child this age get in his own exersaucer (right, AND in an amazingly unconventional way!) Along with these displays of genius have also come lessons on "no" and what that means. We are still working on it, but when a child takes a bite of concrete fireplace, you know it's time to start sharing that there are certain things that are off limits. Even if only 40% is understood.

And if you want more great laughs, click here for a video a friend found...I about fell off my chair!


Michael & Sandra Herriage said...

I always love seeing the pictures of your little one. He is such a cutey! Loved the video too - good one.

The Barkers said...

The video is just too cute!

Don & Katrina Hines said...

Cute video! Aaron is getting so big. You must have mixed feelings about him growing up so fast!

Alicia said...

Wow, I agree, he is athletically talented! And he's so smiley laughy happy too. What a fun baby!

Where'd you get the cool foam letters? He took a bit of concrete?!?

TwoMuths said...

Katrina - yes, we do have mixed feelings. I now know why moms having their last baby have a hard time with the milestones! I can't believe he's almost 9 months old!

Al - the letters are actually bath letters, and they were given to us. I think you can find them at Target, though. Yes, he did bite off a little concrete. Thankfully, I was heading toward him when I saw what he was up to, and got the concrete out before any got swallowed (and then frantically called Michael to make sure it wasn't toxic!!)