Tuesday, November 27

Ebates the Great

I've done a little online holiday shopping. And thanks to a variety of suggestions from online sources (which really just means I've forgotten exactly where I heard about it), I've found Ebates.

This website gives you cash back on your purchases, and/or provides coupon codes to help you save even further. Many sites participate, you just have to use a tracking code from Ebates (which you get by typing in the store/website name and clicking on the link provided). My favorite thing is that I've forgotten several times until I already have items added to my cart. So I've opened a new tab and gone to Ebates, then typed in the store and clicked on Ebate's link to them, and through the magic of technology, my items are still in my cart.

The cash back builds up in your account and you can request a check any time the balance is $5 or more. I got cash back on our holiday travel purchases from Hotwire, our photo Christmas cards from Walmart, and several other things that will not be listed here. For obvious reasons. But I will say, dad, unrelated to holiday shopping, that Half.com is one of the participating sites. So you can sign up, too!

So today I got an email saying that if I refer people to Ebates, with their first purchase, we both get a $5 sign up bonus PLUS a $5 Holiday Bonus! That is like getting $10 for shopping online, people! So PLEASE click any of the links on this post and sign yourself up, then start shopping! This bonus $10 only works after you purchase something, and only if you sign up using the LINKS!


Rachel said...

Thanks! I'll check it out. I LOVE doing my Christmas shopping online. I can't stand fighting the crowds around the holidays and I'm not organized enough to shop year round. Maybe someday...

Jenny LaBo said...

Hey I want to sign up and give you credit. What is your email address? You can send it to my email jenniferlabo@yahoo.com