Friday, November 16

Deals for the week

Sorry - no pictures this week! I'd already put everything away and hauling it out again just doesn't make any sense!

Walgreens -
OneTouch UltraSmart Blood Glucose meter, reg. price 84.99 - FREE
Electrasol Powerball Tabs, 25 ct - 99 cents after rebate
Palmolive Dish Soap, 13 oz - 49 cents
Excederine Migraine, 50 ct, reg. 6.99 - FREE after rebate
TOTAL after rebates - $1.48

Kroger -
2 Pepsi cubes - $10, but there is a $10 rebate since I bought a turkey, too - FREE
17ish pound turkey, 49 cents a pound = 8.29
Suave Deodorant, 2 for $1
TOTAL after rebates - $9.29

Meijer -
Skippy Peanut Butter - 40 cents
Totino's Pizza Rolls - 20 cents
Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner - 68 cents
Lysol Multi Purpose Cleaner - 93 cents
2 - 200 oz Arm & Hammer Liquid Laundry Soap - $6.99
TOTAL - $9.20

UN fortunately, I bought a few more items than are listed here - but here are my great deals for this week!


Life in Lewisburg said...

I have to say your a good shopper. I use to do the same thing when I was a young mom. I was even a part of a rebate cupon club in town where exchanged cupons. Can you believe it. I dumpter dived and when I was at the public laundry mat doing laundry I would take labels off thrown away objects to get the rebates. I've since changed my ways and now I just get what I need when I need it. It's funny how life is and the phases we go threw.

Alicia said...

Holy cats, girl. You really got some amazing deals. Wish we had a Kroger's around. The cheapest turkey price in town is 79 cents a pound. Do you do the grocery game to get all these coupons/rebates/deals? or do you do the leg work yourself?

TwoMuths said...

I do a little of both - the Grocery Game does take care of the majority of the deal alerting, but also Money Saving Mom (linked on the sidebar) has been helpful. I also check the ads when they come in the mail. It's been so fun! :-)

You could also try I haven't been able to spend much time over there, but I hear that once you get the hang of things, you can pretty much get the same info as the Grocery Game without the $$. For me, the GG format is worth the small expense.