Monday, November 19

sickness, sleeping, and sewing machine innards

Lookie there! An alliterated title. Looks I should be selling outlines after all. Tee hee.

Aaron has the 3rd cold of his life and it's a doozy. Saturday night he woke up thrice. THRICE. It's been a long time since I had to wake up that many times a night. As my feet hit the floor and my zombie legs took me next door to Aaron's room, I prayed for all you new mommies for which this is a nightly event!

And, I haven't been to church in 2 weeks, unless you count last Wednesday when I drove junior high kids around collecting food for the annual Thanksgiving Basket project at church. That was fun - the kids collected over 6 laundry baskets full of food in a little under an hour. We were able to hand out tracts at each of the houses we stopped at, too. Yay! Our church was able to put together 70 baskets to distribute this year. Amazing.

That family God brought into our lives? GREAT strides in their spiritual growth. The boys got baptized a few weeks ago and we've been thrilled to watch God do amazing things in their lives. We are praising God for His mighty acts and His goodness!

Michael took apart my sewing machine this weekend. It's an ugly little thing under all that pretty white plastic. I am happy to report that it is working satisfactorily at least for the time being. The tension is all messed up but if I set it on "0" it seems to do just fine. *sigh* My plans of homemade Christmas gifts were in the balance, and my dear superhero of a husband rescued them!

I cannot believe it is Thanksgiving week already! I'll be posting our "healthier" menu for this year later this week, but right now I'm wondering - what does your family do to make Thanksgiving a true time of thankfulness?


Rosemary at Rose Tree Threadworks said...

POOR AARON! I am praying for you both! Hang in there...
Love, Aunt Rosemary

Rachel said...

Oh boy, do we know about the yucky cold virus. Michael had two doctor visits and one visit to the ER when he was sick. It took him 8 weeks to finally kick it. The doctor thinks that he caught another virus as the other was clearing up which extended his illness. Thankfully, he wasn't miserable the entire time - just contagious to others. He is normally the epitome of good health - rarely ever sick. I hope that this last bout built up his immunity. I'll be praying for you all. I hope that your baby feels better soon.