Thursday, November 1

passing the time

Aaron's new favorite thing: my yellow broom.

It's nothing fancy, but he sure loves it when I get it out to sweep. The little munchkin tries to take it away from me so he can sweep. He carries it all over the house, leaving chaos in his wake. Lately I've been having to sweep while he's restrained or napping. Just can't have him playing in the dirt piles. I found this out the hard way. "Oh, lookie! Cheerios! YUM!" This earned me bad mother award #596.

Aaron's other new favorite thing: climbing OUT of his crib.

Bad mother award #597 goes to the mom who took a shower at the end of her son's nap, only to find him STANDING at his door yelling at the top of his lungs because he cannot open his own door and escape to the freedom of the hallway. Oh wait. That would be me. I can only thank God he is not broken in a hundred places.

Needless to say, the crib no longer stores our extra crib mattress. And I have a feeling that move only bought us another couple months. Anybody know if cribs have those same screen type toppers that aquariums for creepy crawlies sport? I'm kidding. Really.

More adventures to come.


KColas said...

Oh, yes, Jenny, the fun has just begun. And despite your Bad Mother Awards to yourself I am sure you'll get some sweet Good Mother Awards on Mother's Day for years to come.

Carrie said...

Neither of my kids ever climbed out of their crib, they did both enjoy the broom and have broken several dust pans (not using them for intended purpose). Don't be so hard on yourself!

Karis said...

I'll never forget the first time Kayla crawled out of her pack and play. I didn't hear her (probably because she has a noisemaker going in her room), and the next thing I know her door is opening in front of where I'm sitting in the living room. I thought, "Who could be in there?" and felt scared and then there was a very sheepish looking Kayla who knew she had done something that she shouldn't have done. She looked pretty proud of herself too.

Tim & Richelle said...

Just remember - dirty Cheerios build strong immunity - I've found my young'uns chewing on cat food and horse poop (we use that for fertilizer), and who knows whatever else their friends at school give them (they don't refrigerate their mayo here - but use it on everything.) I'd say buy him his own broom and put him to work!

And, I can't tell you how many years it was that I just took my gang in the bathroom with toys - if I wanted to find the house still standing when I was done... or I wanted to take more than a 30 second shower.

One day, I went to the bathroom - 1.5 minutes, max. Victoria who was not a year old could climb the burgler bars on our front door, hang on the handle, bang the door with her head until the door swung open and go out into our yard. She proceeded to open the car door, climb in and shut the door. It was 115' F out (not kidding). Our yard worker got back from breakfast and found her there and brought her to the door just as I was coming back to the front of the house from the bathroom... she was dripping and red all over. I was thanking the Lord that day - it would have been at least another 5 minutes before I would have figured out she'd left the house (she already knew to close the door behind her to keep the mosquitoes from coming in.)

We belt Elsie into her high chair - - not with the little belts that come with her high chair... those can't hold her. We get one of her daddy's belts - otherwise she's dancing on the table.

I don't know, if I were you, I might start looking for that screen topper. No kidding. Really.

*SMILE* - but they are so much fun and you wouldn't trade 'em for anything. Parenting is SO! MUCH! about God's grace.

Can't wait to hear more adventures!

Rosemary at Rose Tree Threadworks said...

WOW AARON!!! Aren't you a smart, strong, and HELPFUL boy!!! Mom and Dad better start checking out garage sales for used toddler beds. Your crib mattress fits those. Pretty soon, your mom might want to put the side of your crib down and a pile of pillows and blankets next to your bed for your safety. It is a LONG way down there ...but boys have no fear, right?
You are a blessing!!!
Aunt Rosemary

Rachel said...

Too funny! You should get it on video. I have a video of Michael using his grandparents central vacuum. He was barely 16 months at the time and he was all business.

Michael is not and has never been a big climber. I think that he climbed out of his crib twice in his life. Now that he's in his big boy bed, we don't worry about falls.

I wouldn't say that you are a bad mom at all. You do a great job with your little guy. You're a normal mom with a normal toddler who's full of surprises. :) Have a great weekend.

Alicia said...

You are so not a bad mom. Just comes with the territory of having an active child. I let Chloe jump on her bed like a wild woman this week and she somersaulted off to the floor. She was fine just a little scared. It's amazing how your mom-sensitivities deaden a bit as your child grows and gets more active!

You need to pick up a kid-sized broom for Aaron at a dollar store. I've seen them there many times and bought one for a friend's kiddo last Christmas. Her little guy is a natural cleaner picker-upper type. Hopefully Aaron will retain those qualities and you can put him to work someday. :)

Btw, check out this link:

Creepy, eh? I would HATE to be a baby penned in like that.