Monday, November 26

Let's Hear it for Scratch & Dent!

We have a store in a nearby town that I would love to give a huge Hallelujah for. This weekend we visited Bay City to purchase insulation for a section of our attic that has never had insulation. And we wonder why our heating bill is huge. Hopefully this investment will end up paying for itself in the next couple months.

SO while we were in Bay City, we stopped at our favorite scratch & dent grocery outlet - Blue Knight. You may be a little freaked out about stores like this, depending on your sensitivities, but I happen to love this place! Some of the food is past the expiration date, but if you look hard enough you can usually find items that are still fresh. Part of the adventure is not knowing what you will find! A few things we got this weekend:

Fruitabu Organic Smooshed Flats (similar to a fruit leather) - 50 cents a box
Earth's Best Organic Graham Sticks, Arrowroot Biscuits, and various other toddler snacks - 69 cents a box
Earth's best Organic "On the Go O's" (breakfast cereal) $1.50 a box
Organic Rice Krispies & Organic Frosted Mini Wheats, $1.50 a box
Near East seasoned couscous mixes 69 cents a box
King Arthur Whole Wheat flour 69 cents per 5 lb bag
Grey Poupon mustard, all varieties - 5/$1
Yoplait yogurt smoothies - $3 for a box of 12
Kashi TLC granola bars - 99 cents a box
Nestle Chocolatier Chocolate Chips (some 53% cacao, some 62%) 99 cents each
Barilla Plus Angel Hair pasta and organic whole grain penne - 2/$1
and my ALL TIME FAVORITE DEAL this trip -
a 10-oz bag of Green Mountain Organic Decaf Coffee - 99 cents!!!
(Here's the kicker - it was considered "off brand" because it wasn't Folger's or Maxwell House!)

We purchased multiples of many items, and got a few more things - we left with two huge boxes full of goodies and spent about $35. I am again amazed at God's provision!


Rachel said...

Great job Jenny! You made out like a bandit although God is the One Who placed those items there for your family. Green Mountain Coffee for 99 cents??? That is a GREAT deal for their coffee. It is my all time favorite:). I hope that you are feeling better.

The Barkers said...

Holy Cow! I would have bought EVERYTHING on your list. That is so awesome. I don't know if we have any stores like that around here!

Alicia said...

Wow, how awesome that they had so many organic brands! I won't tell you how much I usually spend for those kashi granola bars.

Carrie said...

Amazing deals!! You are blessed to have a store like that around--there's nothing like that where we live. :( It must have been a great feeling to get so much, for so cheap! And I found it very funny that Green Mtn. Coffee was considered an off brand. :)

KColas said...

Jenny, this is too funny to me because this week I went to one of those sort of stores, and I found some of those very same things (although my store is called "Stan's." I'll think of you when I eat my smooshed fruit! :):)