Friday, November 2

October Bounty

I realize I'm 2 days late, but I have to share my farmer's market finds. Around here, the farmer's market is held 2 days a week and is open until October 31st.

Wednesday, I scored 15 (YES! FIFTEEN!) pie pumpkins for $3 and 14 bell peppers for $2. I also picked up some potatoes because we needed them and they looked tasty. All in all, money well spent. Gotta love those end of the season prices!

On to the chopping, roasting and freezing!


Cammie said...


Alicia said...

I'M SO JEALOUS OF YOUR PUMPKIN BARGAINS!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been waiting eagerly for the end of pumpkin season so I can get some cheap ones for cooking, mashing and freezing. Will you cut up and freeze the peppers too?

TwoMuths said...

Yep, the pumpkins will be frozen as puree and the peppers in strips! I am so thankful - I'll be praying for some deals for you, Al! Do you guys have farm markets or roadside stands anywhere close by?

partyofsix said...

congratulations on your deals... that is always fun.

Busch family said...

Yay! I just love a great deal! We have a farmer's market locally, but, since we're new to the area, I'll have to wait to take advantage til it starts up again.
Glad to hear you did so well! :)

Rosemary at Rose Tree Threadworks said...

We had a few pumpkins from our garden this year for carving. We enjoyed this recipe for roasting the seeds from "More-with-Less", Doris Jansen Longacre:
Save squash or pumpkin seeds. Boil in water 5-10 minutes. Drain well. For each cup of seeds, combine and sprinkle over: 1 T. melted margarine and 1 t. Worcestershire sauce. Sprinkle with salt and seasoned salt. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes or until nearly dry.