Tuesday, November 13

it's frenzy time

I just realized I've got about a month until Christmas, and a list a mile long (ok, an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet long) of reallycool homemade Christmas gift ideas I've been accumulating since June. Fortunately, I started in June to accumulate ideas. UN-fortunately, I started to execute the first one today. And what does my sewing machine do? And what happens when I run out of pins? Oh, my. What would have easily been a stress free 30-45 minute project is still unfinished in a heap on my ironing board. Must.Buy.Pins. I hate leaving a project unfinished. OK, I hate leaving a FUN project unfinished.

I guess I'll be posting pictures of my projects AFTER Christmas, since many recipients read this blog. (and since I'm not sure how many of these grand ideas will actually turn out to be worthy gifts) Finally I am using the fabric that has languished long in plastic bins.

Any homemade holiday gifts on your list of giving?


Shyla said...

hey, i am doing a decorative plate trio. It's what i decided to do for Ladies' Seminar and i did them for my bedroom and i think they turned out great! i'll post pics sometime. I bought the plates at walmart for a dollar, decoupage fabric to the back and hang them with ribbon (basically) :) They are adorable! Can't wait to hear about all of your crafty gifts!

jeileenbaylor said...

I'm hoping to make cranberry pumpkin bread for my fellow employees for thanksgving and then chocolate peppermint biscotti for christmas for friends and family!

Rosemary at Rose Tree Threadworks said...

The motto in my sewing room at Rose Tree Threadworks is 'As ye sew...so shall ye rip!' We say it ALOT!, then just laugh, fix the "ooops", and go on with the project. I hope your gift projects go well. I am sure that they will be appreciated!

Alicia said...

Oh my, are we twins or something? I just finished 3 homemade Christmas projects for a way early gift-exchange with family. I made an apron for my niece, a nightgown for another niece, and a necklace for yet another niece. I'm hoping to sew up some cloth napkins for my sis and also a shirt (big maybe on that one since she'll be here next week and I've only done the cutting thus far). I'd like to do some pumpkin butter jars for local Christmas gifts using your yummy sounding recipe. I also just came across some fun felt projects (pin cushions, small animals) that would be great gifts.

What are you working on? did you get more pins yet?