Friday, November 2

Today's Bounty

Today at Walgreens...

2 boxes of feminine products
2 cans of almonds - one smoked, one not
2 cans of crabmeat
1 huge bag of airheads to give to our junior high kids (not that they are airheads...well, at least not all of them!)
1 bag of candy cane kisses
1 bag assorted Hershey bars
1 coconut ghosty leftover from Halloween.

any guesses on how much I spent?

**Answer: $3.84 - I was stunned, too!**


Alicia said...

I'm guessing you got some buy one get one deals here as well as some after halloween candy bargains. My guess is $11?

partyofsix said...

my guess is $12, but it is only a guess... looks yummy. i LOVE smoked almonds.

A Weaver's Touch said...

Okay I HAVE to get on the Walgreens bandwagon - my sister goes and gets TONS of stuff for either free or hardly anything. And gets tons of gift cards on top of it! Knowing that, I'm guessing $6.00! (I snuck over to peek at your site via some of our mutual friends!)

journeyer said...

That's craziness!

Kelly Glupker said...

Smoked almonds? I don't care what you paid, it was too much for smoked almonds. :)