Tuesday, November 13

holidays and health

Next week is Thanksgiving, and for the first time since my first "home from college" Thanksgiving, it will be local family only. (unless Some Certain Friends get with the program and hustle their buns up here - specifically, friends from states that begin with the letters P and V, but we'd take friends from any state) I shudder to realize that my first "home from college" Thanksgiving was ten years ago.

I'm looking forward to trying out some new recipes and coming up with healthier alternatives to old favorites. The other day I heard something on a cooking show or in a magazine recipe like "that's a lot of butter, but it's Thanksgiving, so forget about it" Huh.

Like holidays are a good excuse to be gluttonous and exercise poor stewardship over our bodies. I am NOT saying a treat here and there is bad, I am not saying we will be forgoing Ruthie's German Chocolate Pie - but if I can figure out a way to make the turkey taste really good without a pound of butter or if we can skip green bean casserole for some almond green beans or garlic broccoli? Or if I can make gravy with mostly chicken stock instead of greasy turkey drippings? I'm gonna do it! It may only save 100 calories but it's 100 calories saved. I have a renewed commitment to the slow and steady approach to health.

What are your thoughts on holiday eating? How do you make sure you exercise control over what goes into your body during the holidays?


Rachel said...

Lots of veggies & white meat, small portions and not skimping on the decadent desserts - just eat a little bit of your favorite as not to feel cheated:). Listening to your "full" signal instead of gorging. This seems to help somewhat, at least in my mind:).

NorthernChic said...

Not to be the sarcastic poster here Jenny, but I just don't eat as much in the year...I save up the calories for Turkey Day, Christmas Dinner, and New Years Day:) So, not really "practical" per se, but it balances itself out. btw, LOVE the "recipe tag"...I've found a few good recipes. And that's one of my new fun things, gathering recipes and then actually trying them:) It is hard to believe we’ve been out of college for a while eh?! Such WONDERFUL memories of Northland!

jeileenbaylor said...

I agree... although I have to admit that I tend towards making excuses for myself to eat poorly around the holiday season. This was a good reminder to still use wisdomm in the area of health... even around the holiday season :o)

Conleys said...

i'm especially worried about food this holiday season with being pregnant, so i'm already doomed to pack on the pounds whether i eat or not. i gained wayyy to much with esther so i'm trying to avoid that problem this time. i think i just thought i was pregnant...so it doesn't matter you'll just gain anyway which is a stupid philosophy. i learned afterwards, it's still all that extra to have to get rid of later. plus, that, i just really have been convicted of eating more healthy as i am entrusted with this stewardship of getting nutrients to this little one, plus teaching esther good habits also.

good topic!

Carrie said...

I just try to eat as much as I would at any other meal plus a piece of dessert - I don't mind leftovers and I don't feel awful from eating so much.

Mary Ann said...

I think people stress way too much about food. It's meant to be enjoyed, just don't make it the total focus of the day. I always try to start Thanksgiving Day with a long run & then I try to get my family to be active at some point during the day instead of just eating & sitting. Little breakfast, little or no lunch & then enjoy the turkey dinner :-) and no more sitting than you absolutely have to!