Friday, November 2

who do you agree with?

ooh, ooh, ooh. Answer 11 questions and learn about the presidential candidates, and how they agree with you. Or not.

As a side note, which "big issue" could you care less about OR which one will make or break your vote in the next presidential election? (you can be anonymous if you want to be)

Unfortunately, I don't think my "matched candidate" has a real chance of being elected. Thankfully, God is in control!!


Anonymous said...

Lowest agreement score:8 Chris Dodd, Highest agreement score:48 John McCain with Duncan Hunter, Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee close behind at 45 each. Hillary and Barack in the middle at 13 each. Interesting!

Matt & Nicki said...

Hunter and Huckabee were my highest agreements. . .a point apart. So are you sharing your answers?:)

Anonymous said...

I am surprised--John McCain was #1 with 40, then 5 candidates (including one Democrat) at 39. One was Hunter and I never heard of him. Low was 3. I do not think the quiz helped me any.