Monday, November 5

snow storm a comin'

Well, maybe not an actual blizzard, but snow is forecast for tomorrow in our area. The seasons sneak up on me, I tell you!! Anyone else feel like autumn never lasts long enough? I could use a couple more weeks of crispy leaves and "that scent" of autumn in the air, along with the chill that a sweater will fix. Ah, fall.

Of course I'm pretty pumped about winter, too. I'd rather be cold than too hot. Back in my northeastern Wisconsin college days, it was my personal goal to delay wearing a coat until after Thanksgiving, in order to better acclimate. It helped, I tell you. About weather - how do you feel? We'd all like to be "just right" but if you had to choose your uncomfy temps, what would you pick?


Janelle said...

Definitely too cold all the way!!! You can always put on more layers and hot chocolate is so much better than ice tea any day! I'm from Wyoming originally, not quite as bad as Wisconsin, but it does get chilly there. Plus, my parents tell me that I was born during a blizzard so I guess cold and I are just meant to be! I LOVE wearing sweaters too!

ruth said...

You should come visit us here... we had a long summer, and fall is just getting to be in full swing now! It was so dry and hot in early autumn this year that I was afraid the leaves would go straight to brown and ugly, but it's turned out to be a very pretty season. And AMEN to the love of sweaters!

Rosemary at Rose Tree Threadworks said...

We love the changing seasons. But were thankful for the amazing crisp fall weather in Mid-Michigan this past weekend...8 year old grandson had a ball PLAYING BALL with our 'granddog', (an adorable black lab named Angel) who lives with us now. What an AMAZING weekend!
Aunt Rosemary

Carrie said...

HOT! I am wearing a sweatshirt these days and it is not even below 60 yet!

Ruth Copley said...

I am a true northerner having spent 12 years in the great outdoors of Minnesota!! When we moved to Indiana, I always felt cheated during the winter. Now that I am in CO, I LOVE the weather. It just now started getting chilly out and I can't WAIT for the first snow. It's funny looking outside and seeing grass, but when the mountains are already snow-covered!!

I do agree though, fall needs to last just a little longer.