Wednesday, November 14

the scoop on pumpkin guts

I'm still working on roasting my pumpkins - good thing they stay fresh for a relatively long period of time. I had a total of 23 pumpkins to roast and freeze this year, all small, so don't you worry that we will have too much excess. Remember, I've got a hungry husband and toddler to feed. Not to mention that pumpkin baked goods are my absolute favorite. I've recently become quite fond of the lower fat pumpkin bread linked at this post that only uses one tablespoon of oil!

All these pumpkins require roasting before freezing, and after a few sessions of scooping pumpkin guts with spoons, hands, and other various utensils, I grabbed the ice cream scoop! Mine has a flat tip that works very well to part the stringy seeds from the sides of the pumpkins! Voila! A faster way to get these babies roasting ready! Works for me!


Alicia said...

Great idea, Jenny! My ice cream scooper is a weak excuse for a utensil and wouldn't do the job I'm afraid. I use a big ole spoon and kitchen shears to cut away the stringy clumps.

Life in Lewisburg said...

I found a simple way to deal with my trunk load of pumpkins. I stabbed the pumpkins, sprayed a cookie sheet with pam and baked until cooked tender. After the pumpkins were cool then the skin peeled right off and the seeds were easy to remove.
I also found mixing pumpkin with apple bananas was a tasteful treat.I'm sure your son would enjoy this.

Ruth Copley said...

I'll tell you Jenny, that like the comment above, cooking or baking the pumpking BEFORE seperating them worked wonders for me as well! It just seemed to save a lot of time. Well to be honest, I've actually never worked with pumpkin any other way. But an ice-cream scoop sounds like a great idea too. I'll have to try it soon since I am getting the urge to get some pumpkin bread going for Thanksgiving and Christmas!!