Monday, November 19

coldstone dreams come true

Anybody want to go on a double date? We certainly can't eat TWO and since this coupon, which was in my email box this morning, is a BOGO, we would need some friends to share the other one. Any takers? Splitting the bill would be a pretty inexpensive date!!

Or, you know, YOU could print it out and eat two for the price of one. But that's a lot of ice cream.


Janelle said...

Oh my mouth waters at just the thought! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Coldstone!!!!! Sad to say the closest one to us is a little over an hour away, or I would print that thing off in a second! Hope you find someone to enjoy the delectable treat with!

ertlnet said...

I hate passing up free deals and sometimes I just stick the second one in the freezer at home! -Jenni