Tuesday, November 20

Thanksgiving Menu, Part One

Thanksgiving is at my house this year. I'm so excited. I love to have a big table surrounded with family! Since I'm on the eat healthIER plan (all things in moderation), I've decided to post my week's progress and a few recipes. Today, I take the turkey out of the big freezer and put it in the cooler to thaw. I wonder how that will work...I've never thawed a turkey in the cooler before. I get to simmer the remains of our weekend splurge of rotisserie chicken to make some stock for my stuffing and maybe a little chicken soup for supper tonight.

Also today, I make the rolls. Not the healthiest, but healthier than some. I got it from my friend Ashley, and adapted it somewhat to fit our preferences. Here's the recipe:

Bread Machine Rolls
hot water plus one egg to equal 1 1/3 cup
1/4 cup olive oil
1/3 cup sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
2 cups bread flour
2 tsp gluten plus whole wheat flour to equal 2 cups (put the gluten in the cup, add flour to fill)
3 tsp yeast

Put all in bread machine, set to "dough" and when done, divide dough into 24 parts, put in a cooking-spray coated 9x13 pan. Cover with a clean towel and allow to double in size on top of the oven you are preheating (0r another warm place). Bake at 350 for 20-30 minutes or until done.

I lightly butter the tops to keep them soft, but you wouldn't have to. I also may play with substituting some milled flax seed for part of the oil. At some point I will play with the sugar content, but I don't think a big family gathering would be the time for that. If you don't have bread flour, just make sure you use 4 tsp of gluten and it will be ok to use all purpose flour.

Our menu
Roast Turkey & homemade low fat gravy
Stuffing (no butter, mostly whole wheat bread)
Homemade Rolls
Baked, mashed sweet potatoes (sweet enough on their own, IMO! AND a superfood!)
Steamed Garlic Broccoli (oh, look! Another superfood!)
Apple Crisp - no sugar added to apples, oat crumble topping

Mom's bringing...
Mashed potatoes (making them lighter)
Spinach Strawberry Salad (what? another superfood?)
Corn (no casserole!)
Pumpkin Pie with Healthier Pie Crust
Uh, yeah...and Ruthie's German Chocolate Pie. Not healthy, not at all. Not really any redeeming factors - it has nuts, I guess, and dark chocolate. Still, not healthy. But we are using the same Healthier Pie Crust Recipe.

And since mom's baking the pies, I will give you the recipe for the crusts. She's baking those tomorrow morning and then coming over to help get things ready here. Can we get a huge HURRAY for moms like mine? I am so blessed.

**Recipe removed due to nasty taste!!**

So as you can see, we are hardly depriving ourselves. And it would still be very possible to come to our Thanksgiving and leave having been gluttonous and unwise stewards. I will have to keep that in mind when I wish for another slice of the most delicious pie in the whole world. (Thank you, Ruth!)


Rosemary at Rose Tree Threadworks said...

I'll give you a HURRAY for moms like yours! She is a special person!! (suppose that I am bias - since she is my niece?). By the way, I would love to have you post your mom's recipe for Spinach Strawberry Salad. I REALLY enjoyed a spinach strawberry salad at my husband's family reunion this past summer, but never got the recipe from the lady who made it.

Alicia said...

Sounds like a delectable and better-for-the-conscience meal plan! What recipe did you have to remove?