Saturday, December 1

another shameless plug

I've told you guys about Ebates, and some of you have signed up - THANKS! I just wanted to let you know that you have to make a purchase via Ebates by December 31 for the holiday cash bonus to work. If you purchase something after that date, you get $5 instead of $10. (Still not a bad deal)

Mom said my initial explanation was slightly unclear, so here is a quick recap: Sign up using me as a referral, (twomuths at gmail dot com) and make any online purchase, linking through Ebates, by December 31st. ANY purchase - it could be a $2 book on or a big ol' flat screen TV at, it doesn't matter. After the order ships to you, and the transaction is complete, you will get $10 bonus cash (plus whatever bonus cash back you earn with your purchase) in your ebates account, and you can immediately request a Big Fat Check!

In my estimation, this is a snazzy way to buy someone a Christmas gift for free...working it kinda like a rebate! Use my email or sign up HERE

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny. Thanks for the info. I already signed up and have already bought something. Sure wish I would have known about this earlier. Thanks again. Can't wait to see you at Christmas time. Miss you. Love Aunt Carol