Friday, December 7

ever have a day like this?

Sorry, sweetie. Your birthday card really will get there. As soon as Aunt Jenny can remember that the post office probably needs a little more information than just your name.

Had any absent minded moments recently?

I'd love to hear!


Abby Sokul Turner said...

Wow - that's really funny! I have had many absent-minded moments! Call is lack of sleep from having a 5-month old :-) But Vince and I were pulling into our friend's driveway for small group and he backed in with our new mini-van. Well, he couldn't tell how close we were to the lawn or anything, so he asked me to look to see how close we were. Well, I proceeded to turn my head to look and I smacked my head right into the window! Left a nice big smudge mark of my forehead on the window too. Probably would have been easier to open the door, but again, that would be too easy!!! And then another that happened last Christmas which I DIDN'T repeat this year was this: We were putting up the Christmas tree and decorating it. I had to be on the step-stool since we have an 8 foot tree (or close to it). Well, as I'm getting up on the step stool, I proceeded to stick my head in the ceiling fan (while it was running). Not good. Well, after a good laugh, I got up there again, and stuck it in the fan yet again!! I was starting to get a headache - well, I got up there again, and proceeded for the 3rd time to stick my head in the moving ceiling fan. We decided we should probably turn the fan off while we were decorating the tree! I was pregnant at the time, so I have a small excuse! This year, the tree is in a different location, far away from the fan!

Karen said...

Hello. Pregnant. Need I say more? This child SHOULD be a genius, as I'm certain it's stealing all my brain cells.

The Barkers said...

I still haven't regained brain cells since child birth 17 months ago! I can't think of anything recently...but I laughed out loud at your letter! :-)

Alicia said...

I can't think of any recent anecdotes but I've done the address thing before. Birthing children changes our brains for life I'm afraid!