Tuesday, December 18

Travels with Child in tow

Aaron is a traveling champ. At least, he was while we flew out here. We had one 45 minute flight from MBS to Chicago, and then a 2 1/2 hour flight to COS. The second leg was what we were most concerned about, but he did great. When we landed at COS, the people in all the seats around us almost simultaneously burst into praise. "He did such a good job" "Great job, buddy" and things of that nature.

We are so thankful.

Of course, we cheated. Big Time. Can you say "Baby Einstein DVD" - and lots of snacks. And prayer, which is NOT cheating.

Aaron has had a harder time getting used to the new time zone. Today, we have victory. A full night's sleep and two glorious naps. Our happy boy is back. And we are grateful.

So - what are your thoughts on electronic distractions? Some of me likes it, some of me doesn't. I would love to hear what you think!


Alicia said...

I never thought of using electronic diversions on an airplane ride - great idea! I'm ok with using dvds/tv for some down time but I strongly believe I need to sit and watch with Chloe and interact with her (ask questions, point things out, etc.) so she doesn't zone out. And of course in extenuating circumstances I think it's ok to keep everyone sane and surviving (i.e. when Chloe and I spent 6 days in the hospital caring for my gramma). And limiting the time is important too.

So glad Aaron did well! Let's pray he does equally well on the way home. Enjoy your familia in CO.

Reads said...

We have a DVD player too. I love it and it comes in handy on long trips. Although, we have decided not to use every time we get in the car. She needs to learn to be still and not always needing entertainment! It does come in handy when you are in a bind or when we have been in the car more than normal. How did we grow up with these wonderful things? I must say we prefer "Baby Faith" Movies. They teach Bible stories and they have great Bible songs. Audrey loves the "God Made Animals."

Rosemary at Rose Tree Threadworks said...

So glad that Aaron is adjusting to the different timezone and environment - and that he had such a good time on the trip! (I was praying for him all evening. Thank you, dear Father, for your care!)
When we were kids - but older than Aaron - (WAY!!! back before electronic devices), we used to sing in the car on trips. (I doubt that it would have been appreciated if we had ever taken a plane trip though :) My sister and I would start singing something in the back seat and Dad would start singing something entirely in different in the front...it was crazy!!! I don't remember being bored on trips, but we didn't have a TV at home until I was a teenager. So we were used to entertaining ourselves.
But I say that if "Baby Einstein" kept Aaron in his seat and made the time go by quicker, then I say, "Thank You God for electronics!!!"

Rachel said...

We limit Michael's DVD time while we are in our "normal" routine. Although, during the first trimester of my current pregnancy, he was allowed to watch a bit more than normal. I was sooo sick and exhausted that I just could not keep up our normal pace. Yes, I felt guilty about it but my wise mom reminded me that it was only for a season.:)

I would be all for allowing Michael some DVD time on a flight if it kept him from annoying other people. We don't have a portable DVD player though:). He does GREAT on our long car trips and has always been easily entertained. I think that his love of cars and trucks began a year ago on the way to PA when he was 16 months old. During the last hour of our 8 hour journey, I kept pointing out all of the semis and tanker trucks. He LOVED it and it kept him happy. I guess that I didn't know that I was opening a can of worms - ha, ha. The kid knows more about cars and trucks than I do and still loves to see them on when we're out and about.

I'm so glad that you are having a nice time and that your "happy boy is back". Merry Christmas to you all!

Tricia said...

When we go on long trips, I always manage to wrangle a dvd player from someone around here! =) That being said, I kinda save it for last resort because I'm not a huge fan of them watching much tv. However, it's definitely not the end of the world either (especially on planes, where you need to show concern for others around you).

The Barkers said...

Yea for portable DVD's. We took one on the plane when we came to MI in Oct. It definitely helped especially since it was just me and Jonas. No daddy to help.
Hey its far better than drugging them with Benedryl, in my opinion.