Thursday, December 20

Ok, so I'm not really taking that much of a blog break. But I wanted to post this for several reasons. One, I wanted you to see our final product from all of our funny Christmas family photos, and two, we didn't want to post this before the recipients opened the cards. So if you haven't gotten a card from us? We love you, we wish you a Happy Christmas, and here is your card. We are saving trees, don't you know?

Also, today is our 4th wedding anniversary! Happy Anniversary to the world's most perfect man for me! It's flown by and I have loved every minute! God is GOOD!

Be sure to check back after Christmas for some "what I made for Christmas" posts. I've been taking photos of my homemade gifts and I'm so excited to share them with you!


Janelle said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! It truly does go fast doesn't it! Is it hard having your anniversary right before Christmas? I'm sure you guys will make the best of it! Here's to many, many more!!!

And, can't wait to see all thes homemade gifts!

Kara said...

Happy Anniversary! We also have a December anniversary, we spend it romantically shopping for other people. :)
I love homemade presents- I can't wait to see the pics, too!

Alicia said...

Happy 4th anniversary! This year will seem even more special now that you have Aaron to celebrate with. Hope you can get a date night in or do something special.

I for one am glad you aren't taking a blogging break. :)

I started doing pictures of things I made but then things got too hectic. I made 4 ornaments that missed the photo shoot - bummer!

Btw, can't view the card. Did you scan it?