Tuesday, December 11

soft lazy beautiful flakes

"Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow" Ps. 51:7


ruth said...

awesome (in the true meaning of the word)

Alicia said...

Lovely! Wish we had some snow buildup. Stupid Ohio is too mild and we had rain today which washed away our few inches. Enjoy the winter wonderland! have you ventured out to play in the snow with Aaron yet?

Rachel said...

Great pictures! Are you guys getting any of the ice storm? Having been through a TERRIBLE ice storm - I'd take a snow storm any day.

We've had mid-70's for the last few days but it's supposed to change soon. Never did I think that I'd be outside wearing a T-shirt in December - and I was still hot!

Thanks for sharing the pretty pictures - I don't think that I'll see snow in person this year:).

TwoMuths said...

We haven't had any of the ice storms, thankfully! We did have a little "wintery mix" - I don't know if that is a regional term or not, but it's nasty to drive in. You don't know if it will be snow, sleet, hail, or freezing rain. And neither do your tires. I love staying in and peeking out my windows at the loveliness. God is so good to create seasons.

We haven't taken Aaron full-on snow playing. I have to get him a better snow-play getup, including BOOTS. I'm kinda hoping I can find some to put under the tree. He loved the big flakes yesterday, though!

mid-70's? WOW! That has to feel odd, Rachel! Hope you get a little snow before spring!