Wednesday, April 1

Finally, a play date

Yesterday we went over to my friend Michelle's house - our friendship goes waaaaay back! Our moms met in Elkhart, IN pretty much straight out of college and both ended up here. So Michelle and I friends from childhood, but we each have two kiddos - her oldest and Aaron are 6 weeks apart and her youngest and Evan are 4 months apart. It has made and will continue to make for fun times, commiserations, much laughter and possibly a desperate phone call or two!!

We've been trying to get together for TWO MONTHS and we planned it yesterday because we were hoping to get together before Sunday's germs kicked in and shut down the kiddos. Well, it was a good plan. Evan's got a few minor sniffles and Aaron was up multiple times in the night complaining of a sore ear. Thankfully, Aaron seems to be fine this morning - ate two huge bowls of oatmeal, just asked for another (!!!!!) and says his ear is fine. I'm not holding my breath for healthy kiddos for the duration of the week, but I sure am glad we got to get together!

I'd like to ask for a play date of sorts with you all. Would you please visit my Etsy shop and leave some comments here for me? Do I need to offer more sizes of the sundresses there or estimate the offered sizes more than just measurements? Are the prices ridiculous? Do I need models? I'd love it if you could give me some hints! I'm also thinking of some other projects to sell - cloth napkins, namely. I'd love any additional suggestions! Thanks - I know you all are brilliant and will give good advice! (and feel free to be anonymous and brutally honest!)


Amanda said...

brutally honest huh! okay!

First kudos you can sew well! Your up close photos of the fabric are blurry. I like the background b/c it looks nutrual. The skirt is a little too shaded. I love that you turned the hem over thats a good shot. When I look at items on say ebay its all about how the items look in the photo. Try looking at some simular items and how they are described and photographed. I think the price is okay. Fabric is expensive I know b/c I buy it. I don't know what you need cash in hand to make it worth it for you. I feel like they are plain. The print is fab. But, if I am going to spend the extra time and money for something hand made I want something more unquie and detailed (even more than you arleady did) and maybe even tailored to an occasion (christmas, easter, baptism..). All I can think about when I hear 100% cotton is shrinkage. Did you prewash and dry you material. You must have, I think sewers do. So would that make your items preshrunk? I would like to at least see some kid wearing something you made somewhere on your "store window". Also the hanger has got to go. Find some (i.e. make) fancy poofy nutrually wrapped hanger. I would like to see you make some really fancy things and make them $20 or more and some less expensive or what you might call your "sale" items. Everyone likes a sale and I think if you said "on sale $7.00" people might buy it just cuz it sounds like a sale. I wish you all the luck,
they are cute!

oh, and I am really hoping that I don't find comments on my comments. Its my opinion...get your own! hehe!

Rachel said...

I think the prices are reasonable. The dresses/skirt are adorable! Models would be cute too.What about making table runners as well as the napkins? Just a thought.

Shelley said...

The dresses look cute. Models would be cute to help show how the fit is and for what ages in general.

I make cloth napkins out of fancy clearance bed sheets the patterns are nice and the fabric holds up well in the wash. I also use flat sheets for tablecloths.

pot holders, aprons are also nice, but I don't know what people are interested in that market.

Stephens said...

Wow! When did you start doing this "Etsy" thing? I had never heard of that site until last month when a friend emailed and asked me to look at her cards on there. I will check out your stuff. The pics on your blog look cute though. :-)

suzanne said...

I think it would help if you made hair bows to match the dresses. I am always looking for a perfectly matched hair bow. They are inexpensive and easy to make.